Season 2 Episode 22

I'll Be Seeing You (2)

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 10, 1984 on NBC

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  • Great Episode

    Wow...that was intense.

    Sam and Diane are so perfect for each other. They say oppisitites attrack and the chemistry between these two proves it.
  • this is the 2 part .. where we see the passion Sam and Diane have for each so... witty and well written episode only shelly and danson could oull this off ... for TV ...

    the way it opend with the (classic coach doing a recap that leads to ... him only he could do this too... to two other topics but the present one

    then ... you have diane .. coming in late all the time and carla .. knows . and they just play off each ...
    she gets the painting done ...and ... then shows up at ...cheers ... and gives carla .. a gift which carla loves but cant say
    thank you which is the greatness of these era ..of cheers before woody and rebecca ..all timing and

    they do it

    diane trick's carla into saying ... thank you

    then sam comes out and his ego is big ....

    and they trade off banters ...

    which diane ... wins but doesnt want too
    and sam
    acts like the three stoogies ...

    in his banter back ( such good ... slapstick here .. i feel i shouldnt tell the ending ....

    so... play the dvd of it ...

    and you see passion and magic that
    only danson and long had ..

    ( and dont get me wrong i loved the shole series ...)

    just was missing what is here ...

    in this and the whole second and third season ...