Season 10 Episode 11

I'm Okay, You're Defective

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Dec 05, 1991 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Julie Lloyd, who played a receptionist in this episode, is the daughter of Cheers writer David Lloyd. She is also the sister of Frasier Executive Producer Christopher Lloyd.

  • Quotes

    • Carla: You've been with thousands of women over the years, right?
      Sam: Yeah right.
      Carla: How many cards do you get on Father's Day?
      Sam: That doesn't mean anything.
      Carla: Sammy sooner or later you're gonna have to face the possibility that whether you like it or not you might just possibly have a low sperm count.
      Sam: You're fired!

    • Sam: No way. No no no. We're not seeing any doctors.
      Rebecca: Sam, it's not working. I think that it's time that we face the possibility that there's something wrong with you.
      Sam: You know why we're not conceiving. You're too mean to me.
      Rebecca: I'm not mean. I'm perfectly nice. I just think you're shooting blanks pal.

    • Paul: Where's Norm and Cliff?
      Woody: I guess they're at work. I don't know.
      Paul: You've got a cute sense of humor, Woody. I like that.

  • Notes

    • It is just after Thanksgiving 1991 in this episode - Martin Crane, Frasier's father, has just been shot in the hip. Although this event is of course not referred to in Cheers, could it be that his father getting shot was one of the reasons Frasier doesn't want to make a will?

    • The ending to this episode gives us the impression that Frasier and Lilith remained married until his death at an old age. This turns out to be false since Frasier and Lilith actually end up getting divorced.

    • Sam's fertility results get mixed up with Frasier's will.

      Many years later after Frasier's death he leaves everything to Lilith and Frederick but the "will" says Sam Malone has adequate sperm count.

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