Season 7 Episode 8

Jumping Jerks

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Dec 22, 1988 on NBC

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  • Is the bar full of cowards?

    In the episode Jumping Jerks, Norm, Cliff, and Woody are inspired by watching The Magnificent Seven. Cliff believes that the problem with today's society is that there is little danger or adventure in ordinary daily life. So the three ponder what they could do to possibly liven up their doldrums. The answer, provided by guest star J. Kenneth Campbell (playing instructor Bob), of course, is sky diving.

    In the first run of sky diving, the three predictably chicken out. Their concocted story to the bar (of course exaggerated by Cliff) leaves to a very guilty and very conflicted Woody, who somehow dodges Carla's interrogation and white lies to the bar. Sam, meanwhile, is intrigued and wants to go up for a jump. Woody convinces Cliff and Norm to agree, so that his white lie can be eliminated.

    Of course, the four of them chicken out in the second run. Another story is concocted. This convinces Rebecca to do some bar advertising. Why not show a banner that says "Cheers" while sky diving? Rebecca sweetens the pot for Sam, convincing him and the others to go. They are about to chicken out again before Woody's guilt ovewhelms him. Woody finally takes the plunge, followed by Sam and Norm. It takes Cliff possible airplane trouble to follow.

    Besides episode flow (which was very smooth), the reason this episode works is because Danson, Harrelson, Ratzenberger, and Wendt effortlessly portray the nuances that are Sam, Woody, Cliff, and Norm. They work together, either as cowards or as dreamers. And in typical Cheers style, they finally succeed by fearing one of the seven deadly sins in hilarious fashion.

    Cowards they are, but I'll root for them every time.