Season 11 Episode 20

Look Before You Sleep

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Apr 01, 1993 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Final appearance of John Allen Hill.

    • In the cold opening, Norm tells Sam that it's his 15th wedding anniversary to Vera. However, just two episodes prior to this one, "The Last Picture Show," the previous owner Gus returns after he sold the bar to Sam 17 years ago and recounts how a newlywed Norm and his bride Vera used to come into Cheers all the time, indicating that Norm's been married to Vera longer than 15 years.

    • Response: He probably walked to ever one's house (which would explain why he was so tired)

    • Since Sam locked his keys, wallet, and money inside the bar, how is he able to travel all over town to his friends houses?

    • When Cliff's condo was first introduced in the season 6 episode "Woody for Hire and Norman of the Apes," the condo was basically a small studio apartment with a separate bathroom. In fact, Cliff gave his friends the tour and said he slept in the living room. They also showed the apartment wall when a chimpanzee paints it and there is no door there. However, in this episode, there is separate door on that same wall that apparently leads to a bedroom for Ma Clavin (who was not living with Cliff when he first moved in).

    • Why didn't Sam ever go to Woody's house? This is odd since the last mention of Woody's residence was that Woody was living with Kelly in the Gaines guesthouse while they awaited a purchase of a new home. Why wouldn't Sam want to stay with them since it would probably be the most comfortable? What's even odd is that Sam didn't even mention going to Woody's (even though Woody had appeared earlier in the episode).

  • Quotes

    • [Sam ends up at Cliff's apartment; Ma Clavin reminds them to pray before going to bed]
      Esther Clavin: Dear Lord, bless Clifford and me, unworthy wretches that we are. Bless the postal system and keep it from harm... by helping it to detect the real loonies. Bless our friends, and thank you for letting Sam find succor here tonight. Bless the late Mr. Clavin - I know he's not in your vicinity, but rather roasting in hell on a spit reserved for those who desert their families. Amen.

    • [Sam goes to Carla's for keys to the bar; John Hill is there; Woody has her keys; Sam needs a place to sleep]
      Carla: Well, I guess you can stay here for the night.
      Sam: Yeah, yeah. Alright, thanks.
      Carla: Look, Sammy.
      Sam: What?
      Carla: No matter what you hear, no matter how much I scream or call for help... do NOT open the bedroom door. Got it?
      John Allen Hill: Ditto for me, too, Sam.
      Sam: Oh, no no... [i](he leaves[/i]

    • [after Ma Clavin's prayer]
      Esther Clavin: Sam, is there anyone special you would like the Lord to remember?
      Sam: No, not particularly.
      Esther Clavin: Well, don't be surprised if He doesn't remember you.
      Sam: Oh, please, please. Can't we just go to sleep. I'm so very tired. Please.
      Cliff: Great, Ma. You made my friend mad. Any wonder I don't have anybody over. Any wonder I don't have any friends.
      Esther Clavin: Oh, you don't have friends because of me? Me... who spent 36 hours of the most painful labor the hospital had ever seen?
      Cliff: There she goes!
      Esther Clavin: If you think you're better off without me, you're welcome to live by yourself. Just see how long you can last.
      Cliff: Fine.
      Esther Clavin: A day! I give it a day - and that's during daylight hours. Night falls and it's: "where's my mommy?"
      Cliff: Oh. Oh, is that right? Well, let me tell you, missy, that it takes TWO to be co-dependent!
      Esther Clavin: You're the enabler! You're the enabler!
      Cliff: Oh, I'm the enabler am I, tonight, huh? Like last night and the night before. Well, you know why I'm the enabler? Because you demand it.
      Esther Clavin: Everything I do is wrong - is that it?
      Cliff: Oh, Ma. I'm sorry. Don't... don't be upset. I just... I just push too hard.
      Esther Clavin: No, I'm too domineering.
      Cliff: Aw, Ma. Ma, it's me. I... you know... it's me.
      Esther Clavin: Sam?
      Sam: Hmmm?
      Esther Clavin: Sam, which one of us is worse?
      Sam: Can't we please go to sleep?

  • Notes

    • Asuming three letters minimum and no proper names, these following words can be made from the letters in the name "Clifford Clavin":




















    • Based on Esther Clavin's prayers in this episode, it appears Cliff's father has died between his appearence in "The Barstoolie" and this episode.

    • We see both Norm's and Cliff's houses!

    • This is one of the few episodes that does not take place in the bar (that appears only a brief scene).

    • Bernadette Birkett (the voice of Vera) is the real life wife of George Wendt (Norm).

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