Season 5 Episode 3

Money Dearest

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 09, 1986 on NBC



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  • Quotes

    • Cliff: Did you hear that? I'm going to be rollin' in it.
      Norm: Yeah, you've been rollin' in it for years.

    • Norm: Woody, I don't think I've done that since my wedding.
      Woody: You congaed at your wedding?
      Norm: Sweated.

    • Woody: Mr. Clavin, some of your guests have been asking if they can take the plastic wrap off the food.
      Cliff: Don't they understand that when food is exposed to the air anything can happen?
      Norm: Yeah, people could eat it.

    • Cliff: Who knows? When Fitz sees what a nice guy I am, maybe he'll remember me in his will.
      Carla: Yeah. "To the idiot son of my new wife I leave squat."

    • Woody: My first bachelor party. No dates, right?

    • Carla: Hey, Fitzie, thanks for that $20 tip last night. I don't want you getting the wrong idea about me.
      Mr. Fitzgerald: Carla, I know that your favors are not for sale.
      Carla: See, that's what I mean about the wrong idea.

    • Cliff: If I died right now I would be a happy person.
      Carla: You wouldn't be the only one.

  • Notes

    • First appearance of Frances Sternhagen as Esther Clavin, Cliff's mother. Mrs. Clavin was first heard in Coach in Love (2), voiced by a different actress.

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