Season 2 Episode 14

No Help Wanted

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 12, 1984 on NBC

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  • This outing doesn't hold up as well for multiple viewings, dwelling too much on one plot thread. It's a little too narrow, and much too serious for 'Cheers'.

    In this episode, the entire story is about the gang forcing Sam to hire down-and-out Norm as the bar's accountant. Sam doesn't trust the outrageously high refund he would be getting, so he secretly hires his old accountant to do the tax return, and shelves the one from Norm. Coach takes a message and spills the beans to everyone, who all take offense with Sam, and Norm threatens to leave the bar forever, and break off friendship with Sam. That part is not really funny. Usually, a story this emotional would have plenty of side plots involving the other characters, comically silly of course. This one is lacking in that regard, unless you count Cliff explaining why the male ego must display antagonism as a ritual. Carla is reduced to one-liners, Diane merely cheerleads for Norm, Coach does his standard faux pas with logic, and that is it.
    At this point in the series, 'Cheers' needed to inject some fresh characters, and it seems the producers were aware of it. Frasier would soon make his entrance, and others would quickly follow.
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