Season 11 Episode 13

Norm's Big Audit

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 14, 1993 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • The old game that Sam didn't want the bar to see was supposedly played between the Red Sox and the Orioles on July 14, 1975. But in reality, that was the day before the All Star Game, a universal day off for all major league baseball teams.

  • Quotes

    • (The gang are discussing how to fool the IRS agent Norm came on to)
      Frasier: Well Norm, you could get someone to impersonate Vera.
      Norm: Well thanks Frasier, but I doubt that Ed Asner has time to hop on a plane to Boston.

    • (Norm has rebuffed Dot - who is a heavy smoker.)
      Dot Carroll: I'm always scaring men away. What is it about me? Don't just stand there, tell me!
      Norm: You could lighten up a bit. I mean you do come on sort of strong. And, while we're at it, you could cut back to three or four packs a day.
      Dot Carroll: I do it to stay thin. (looks at Norm's girth) Want one?

    • (Norm is afraid he'll have to sleep with Dot Carroll, the IRS agent, to prevent the audit of his taxes.)
      Cliff: Relax, Norm. I've been brainstorming. I've come up with a plan.
      Norm: I'm desperate. I'll try anything. Come on.
      Cliff: Tell you what, here's the plan: I go to the hotel in your place, right? I reach in, flick off the light, say "Room service for Dot Carroll". In the meantime, I got a big bag full of wild squirrels with sparklers attached to their tails. I drop 'em in the room; they run around terrified, setting off the alarms and the sprinklers... OK? In the ensuing hub-bub, she forgets all about her little date with you. Trust me - you think a cold shower's a mood killer? Try a bag of wild squirrels.
      Norm: Thanks, Cliff, but you don't have to go to the trouble.
      Cliff: That's all right... I already got the squirrels.

    • (Norm arrives at Dot's hotel room.)
      Dot Carroll: I'll make this short and sweet. When I say, "go," you tear off my clothes... and you can't use your hands.

  • Notes

    • Sharon Barr also played Connie in Season 6's "Bidding On The Boys" - one of the rare instances where the show's producers violated their own long-standing "one actor-one role" casting rule.

    • Woody Harrelson ("Woody") does not appear in this episode.

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