Season 5 Episode 23

Norm's First Hurrah

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 26, 1987 on NBC



  • Quotes

    • Diane: Norman, may I talk to you for a minute?
      Norm: Yeah, sure. What's up?
      Diane: You make me sick. You're a quitter, Norman! No, you're worse than that, you're a non-starter. You don't even try. You sit around the bar all day, you sit around your house all day, you sit around here all day, you sit around life all day! How are you going to feel at the end of your life when you're lying-no, make that sitting, on your death bed and you realize the only thing you've done in your life was sit around, and watch people do things, make things out of their lives? Well, maybe you're right, Norman. Maybe you're not meant for success, maybe you're meant for exactly what you are-nothing.
      Norm: Diane, you have no right to say that to me.
      Diane: Oh, Norman, I only said those things because I care about you.
      Norm: You must care an awful lot about me.
      Diane: Yes, I do. We all do. We're your friends, Norman, and we're all tired of seeing you give up so easily.