Season 2 Episode 7

Old Flames

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 17, 1983 on NBC

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  • Fred Dryer trys to come between Sam and Diane claiming he\'ll break them up in 24 hours. Norm dates a girl from the office.

    Average episode in which Fred Dryer plays one of Sam\'s old buddies who wants Sam to join him out on the town chasing skirts. Sam almost jumps at the chance until Diane reminds him that they are a couple now. Fred vows to break them up within the day.
    Sam & Diane get into a big fight over his retention of his \"little black book\".

    Meanwhile, Norm is dating a girl from a company he got fired from. When they go to the movies or opera, etc he sneaks out for \"popcorn\" and heads to Cheers.

    Fred, \"accidently\" makes a date with 2 gorgeous women and browbeats Sam into taking one. Sam takes her home but realizes he loves Diane.
    Fred finally gives up.