Season 1 Episode 11

One for the Book

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Dec 09, 1982 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Continuity: Norm tells Buzz that he served in the army at Fort Dix, NJ. This is later contradicted in Daddy's Little Middle-Aged Girl, when he tells Rebecca's father that he served in the Coast Guard.

  • Quotes

    • Kevin: Sam, I want a drink only men drink. Something that makes women sick.
      Sam: I'll give you some more coffee.
      Kevin: No no, I want something stronger than coffee.
      Sam: I'll give you yesterday's coffee.

    • Norm: If you're gonna give up sex you might as well give up talking. What fun is messing around if you can't tell the guys about it.

    • Norm (talking about the player piano): Sammy, why do you keep something around here that doesn't work?
      Carla (talking about Diane): Beause no one else will give her a job.

    • Coach: Want a beer, Norm?
      Norm: Does a rag doll have cloth knobs?

    • Sam: Whatcha up to Norm?
      Norm: My ears.

    • Diane: I'm writing during the odd moments of the job. Much as Jack London did.
      Carla: Oh was he a bad waitress too?

    • Coach: What war were you in, Buzz?
      Buzz: Why the first World War, of course.
      Coach: Is that the one with Clark Gable or Gary Cooper?

    • Coach: Buzz, I'm the fellow you talked to this morning. I didn't recognize your uniform on the telephone. Let me show you the back room. It's in the back.

    • Buzz: Where's the rest of my outfit?
      Carla: What you've got on is silly enough.

    • Buzz: What if I bought this guy a beer?
      Norm: Buy me a pitcher and you can kiss me on the lips.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Lafayette, we are here!: When Buzz yells this line out to Diane (thinking she is his comrades), he is referring to the line that was frequently attributed to General John Pershing, the commander of the American forces in World War I. The line is in recognition (and thanks) of the debt owed to the Marquis de Lafayette, who came from France to fight with the colonials during the American Revolution.