Season 11 Episode 27

One for the Road

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 20, 1993 on NBC

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  • This was a great finale to Cheers.In this episode Diane returns to Cheers with a husband.Sam trying to lie to Diane uses Rebecca as a fake wife.At the end they both lied to each other. Now Sam has a choice stay in the bar or move with Diane. Great finale.

    When people say Frasier is better then Cheer's I sort of disagree. Cheers was awesome, it was a place where everybody knew your name. The Finale was great also.

    After Diane Chambers wins an award for a script, Sam goes to congratulate her. He tells her to come to Boston. She tells him that she has a husband, and kids. Sam not wanting Diane to know that he doesn't have a wife or kids, uses Rebecca who accidently refused her boyfriends engagement.

    At the Top of Melvilles. When suddenly Rebbecca's boyfriend comes back upstairs and proposes in front of Diane and her boyfriend. It turns embarassing for Sam when Rebecca accepts. Then the Boyfriend of Diane's husband appears. We realize that they were both lying to each other.

    So Diane and Sam realize they still have feelings for each other. Diane asks Sam to come with her to California and he agrees. He tells Norm, Cliff, Carla, Rebecca, Woody, and Frasier that he's leaving to go with Diane. They all tell him not to leave but Sam refuses and actually insults all of them and goes on the plane with Diane anyway.

    On the Plane he decides that it isn't right going with Diane. So he decides to go back to the bar and Diane tels him to go. So they say their final goodbyes. Sadly Sam returns to the bar in the Final scene and goes to apologize to his Old Friends but they refuse and leave. Sam is by himself sad, but suddenly they all return only pulling Sam's strings.

    They all talk about life, kids, and beer. Slowly each of them leave the bar one by one. Each of them telling Sam to have a good life. However the last person leaving the bar is Norm (no surprise) he tells Sam "You never leave your true love" after drinking one final beer and Norm leaves Cheers.

    In the Last amazing scene Sam see's a customer knocking on the door, his face covered in darkness. Sam responds "Sorry, We're closed". He then head to the backroom, before he does he fixes a crooked picture (representing Coach) on the wall. Then he goes and leaves the bar through darkness he first came into the bar in the First season.

    Awesome Finale, Probably the best sitcom Finale. I loved the scene where the guy walked by and Sam said "Sorry we are closed." Great touch and great ending!