Season 7 Episode 4

One Happy Chappy in a Sappy Serape (2)

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 17, 1988 on NBC



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  • Quotes

    • Rebecca: (a good reason to marry Martin) I'm gonna be so rich I can stink and no one will even tell me.

    • Norm: I hate to change the subject but I don't know if anyone recognizes, we seem to have a little problem here.
      Woody: Oh you need another beer, Mr. Peterson.
      Norm: Okay we have two problems here.

    • Cliff: Study after study show that the sons of Spain just don't have our sexual prowess.
      Norm: Cliffie, nobody has your sexual prowess.

    • Martin: I'd like to propose a toast to the happy couple and especially to Rebecca Howe, the only thing I ever wanted and haven't gotten.
      Sam: Same here.

    • Rebecca: Sam and I are engaged.
      Sam: (walks in) Hey everybody.
      Norm: (after hearing Sam and Rebecca are engaged) Congratulations Sammy.
      Sam: (doesn't know what's going on) Well what for? She was just a stewardess.

    • Cliff: (talking about Martin) Who does a guy so young get to be so incredibly powerful?
      Woody: I just try to maintain a cheerful attitude and try not abuse my position.

  • Notes

    • What Pepe actually says is this: "Los pezones. Esta agua está muy fria". Which translates to "The nipples. That water is very cold." And as he is obviously referring to his own (male) nipples, "pezones" seems like an odd word choice.

    • This episode uses a time caption (one month later)

    • Pepe, the Mexican version of Norm, is asked by Sam "que tal?" or "what's up?" His response is the translation of Norm's "My nipples. It's freezing out there." from the Season One episode Coach Returns to Action. (Even though they're in Cancun, so it clearly isn't freezing out.)

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