Season 10 Episode 16

One Hugs, the Other Doesn't

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 30, 1992 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Kelsey Grammer's daughter Spencer appears in this episode. She is the eight year old in pink next to Lilith in the bar at Frederick's birthday party.

    • Notice that the pennants that the kids are waving at the concert say "Nanny Gee" while the banner at Cheers says "Nanny G."

    • Are those dates mentioned in the episode or airdates. Because sports, news, and many other things can cause shows to be preempted, even *if* they're supposed to air at a certain time. The show might as easily take place in December with his birthday in December. Never go by airdates.

    • It's Frederick's birthday in January 1992, yet he was born in November 1989.

  • Quotes

    • Lilith: Frasier, I know why you didn't tell me. You didn't tell me because you're a craven coward.
      Frasier: You know me so well it's frightening.

    • Nanny G: My goodness Frasier. I can't believe you have such a big wonderful boy. Frasier and I weren't together long enough to have any children. Although we sure did try a lot, didn't we?
      Frasier: I don't remember.
      Nanny G: I do.

    • Frasier: Darling, are you going to be okay with this?
      Lilith: Am I going to be okay with this? Let's see. Earlier today I discovered that my husband had an ex-wife he never told me about. Then I had the pleasure of watching him kiss said ex-wife in front of 1,000 children including his own. Then to top it all off, she hugged me. Can you deduce from my tone whether or not I'm going to be okay with this?
      Frasier: Baby, you're the greatest.

    • Lilith: Where's my son? Where's Frederick? Did you sell him to the gypsies so you could spend more time with Nanny G-spot?

    • Carla: Hey Frase, I hear you used to be married to a children's singer. What's the matter? Burl Ives turn you down.

    • Lilith: So Frasier was married to that, oh how would one describe her, bitch.

    • Nanny G: My favorite thing in the whole big wide world is making new friends.
      Lilith: Oh I'll bet.

    • (Frasier claims Nanny G looks familiar)
      Frasier: I know I've seen her before. Where? I hate it when this happens.
      Lilith: Frasier, please be quiet. I'm trying to hear the lyrics.
      Frasier: Oh my God! I know who she is. That's Nanette Gooseman, my first wife.
      Sam: Who?
      Lilith: Who?
      Frasier: I was just talking to Sam.

    • Woody: Nanny G, I was wondering if you could -- (Nanny G ignores him) -- ignore me like a cheap piece of trash. (sarcastically) Oh, you could? Thank you so very much.

    • Lilith: (singing) I want to shake your hand, snatch you bald, I want to scratch your eyes out, I want to drain your blood and replace it with a mercuric chloride formaldehyde and alcohol solution! (Laughs evilly)

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