Season 6 Episode 21

Our Hourly Bread

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 10, 1988 on NBC



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    • (After Rebecca says Cheer's is in danger of shutting down due to costs.)
      Norm: Well, maybe it isn't exactly my place to say this. But, Cheers means about as much to me as much as anyone here. This is pretty bad news. I'd say bad news like this deserves a sympathy round of drinks on the house.

    • Norm: Well, congratulations, Carla. You know, I'd say . . .
      Carla: Give it up, Norm.

    • Norm: Well, congratulations, Sammy. You know, I'd say a promotion like that deservers kind of deserves a round of drinks on the house.
      Sam: Nice try.

    • Norm: Senior bartender huh? Well, Woods, you know a little promotion like that kind of deserves a round of drinks on the house.
      Woody: Ah, gee, Mr. Peterson, I'd love to. I'm real sorry, but gosh I just don't think I'd better.
      Norm: Boy, give a guy a title and he turns into a fascist.

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