Season 7 Episode 12

Please Mr. Postman

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 02, 1989 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • When Sam tries to find out what song makes Rebecca melt he discovers it is "You've Lost That Loving Feeling" but, on the DVD and syndication version of this episode, he plays "Unchained Melody."

  • Quotes

    • (Rebecca passionately kisses Norm)
      Rebecca: I don't know what go into me. Please apologize to Vera.
      Norm: Are you kidding? After that Vera should apologize to me.

    • Cliff: My first time and I get arrested.

    • (Sam wants to know Rebecca's turn on)
      Rebecca: Okay I'll be honest with you. I do have one. I'll give you a hint.
      Sam: Great. Why?
      Rebecca: Because you'll never get it and I mean that in every sense of the word. It's a song.

    • Cliff: Some mornings you get up; look yourself in the mirror and ya gotta ask "why me?"
      Norm: Cliffie, it's just a hair cut. It'll grow back.

    • Sam: I've been embarrassed for the last time. I just came onto Rebecca for the I don't know how manyth time.
      Carla: 4,659.
      Sam: Thank you, Carla.

    • Cliff: Was it my imagination or was that woman coming on to me?
      Norm: Cliffie, Walt Disney should've had your imagination.

    • Margaret: It's been my life long dream to be part of the few, the proud-
      Carla: The undateable!

    • Margaret: You have to make up a story to cover for me.
      Cliff: You want me to lie? This is my life, this is my dream.
      Margaret: (pulling down her shirt collar) This is my shoulder.
      Cliff: This is our story.

    • Cliff: As they say in the service, here's looking up your address!

    • Sam: "You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling."
      Woody: No Sam, I'm just a little tired is all.
      Sam: No, that's Rebecca's song.

  • Notes

    • First appearance of Annie Golden as Margaret O'Keefe, a colleague of Cliff's who develops into a love interest for him.

    • Supervising producers David Angell, Peter Casey, and David Lee left the series after this episode to develop and produce Wings. They can be seen in this episode's cold openening, sitting at the bar near Cliff.

    • This episode won the 1989 Writer's Guild award for comedy writing.

  • Allusions

    • Please Mister Postman: A song that has the distinction of having reached #1 twice. In 1961 "Please Mister Postman" was a hit for a group called the Marvelettes; it reached number one again in 1975 as recorded by the Carpenters.

    • When trying to guess which song made a teenage Rebecca's knees turn to butter, Sam sings snatches of Blue On Blue by Bobby Vinton, Cherish by The Association, and In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida by Iron Butterfly. Frasier suggests Che Gelida Manina from the opera La Boheme by Puccini. Cliff suggests Ballad of the Green Berets by Sgt. Barry Sadler, and Woody sings part of it; later Woody singing it while Sam, Frasier and Norm hum it reminds Cliff of his duty to his country.

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