Season 2 Episode 1

Power Play

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 29, 1983 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Wasn't Diane suppose to leave with Sam's brother in the previous episode? So why didn't he come back for her or why didn't she tell him that she wasn't going with him?

    • The teaser scene made such an impact that the writers of Frasier re-enacted it 20 years later in The Harrassed Frasier, Episode 10-12 (albeit with a different punch line). Sam interrupts a no-holds-barred argument with Diane to ask, "Are you as turned on as I am?" Diane replies "More."

      Twenty years later, Frasier attempts that line in an argument with Julia, and she replies quizzically, "No."

  • Quotes

    • Cliff: Hey Sam, what of you think about death?
      Sam: (Looks angry at Diane) Too good for her!

    • Diane: Oh wait Sam, it's so filthy.
      Sam: Oh no, it doesn't have to be not if we care about each other.
      Diane: No, I mean my apartment.

    • (Everyone is eavesdropping on Sam and Diane's fight)
      Cliff: It sure got quiet in there all of a sudden.
      Norm: You don't think he killed her.
      Carla: Nah, even in death she wouldn't be that quiet.

    • [The gang had been talking about reincarnation.]
      Cliff: Hey Sam, what of you think about death?
      Sam: [angry at Diane] Too good for her!

    • [On reincarnation.]
      Cliff: The Hindus believe that what you come back as depends upon your behavior in your this life. If you led a good life, you come back in an elevated state.
      Coach: Like Colorado?
      Cliff: No, Coach. Uh, more like a king or a prince. Conversely, if you've not led a good life, you come back in a more lowly condition.
      Norm: [chuckling] Last time out, I must have made a real ass out of myself.

    • Diane: You've been with a lot of women.
      Sam: No, I have not. There have not been that many women. I just exaggerated here in the bar. There have not been that many.
      Diane: How many have there been?
      Sam: Oh, I don't know. Maybe four hun...
      [Diane makes a startled gasp]
      Sam: Honeys. Honeys. Four honeys.

    • [Sam is being kicked out of the Diane's apartment]
      Sam: [angry] You want to know the truth? It wasn't four honeys. It was four HUNDRED women, easy.
      Diane: [coolly] They'd have to be.
      Sam: Damn.

    • [Sam and Diane are about to have sex for the first time.]
      Sam: [to God, muttering] She better be GREAT.

    • Sam: You've made my life a living hell.
      Diane: I didn't want you to think I was easy...

  • Notes

    • The start of each episode featuring the Cheers sign and the person saying "Cheers is filmed before the studio audience" is now featured for the rest of the series.

    • The episode takes place immediately after the finale of Season 1 - but was shot months later. Sam and Diane both look a little more well-fed (probably from the paychecks that came from being leads in a network sitcom.).

    • This is the first time we see Diane's apartment. This is also the first time in the series that on screen action takes place outside the bar.

    • Writers Glen Charles & Les Charles earned a 1984 Emmy nomination for their script.

    • There is a scene that was cut from this episode, there's a picture of it on one of the DVDs from the Season 2 set. I know it had to be from this episode because Sam and Diane were wearing the same clothes. It had Diane jumping on the back of Sam's shoulders grabbing his face.

    • From now on John Ratzenberger (Cliff) is a regular cast member, and his name appears at the start of the show during the main credits.

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