Season 11 Episode 23

Rebecca Gaines, Rebecca Loses (1)

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 06, 1993 on NBC



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    • (after her humiliation at Mr. Gaines' musicale, Rebecaa is back at the bar talking to Sam)
      Rebecca: Do you know what I am. I'm a phony. I'm a great big phony. Pretending like I liked Mahler just so some rich guy would ask me out. I don't even know his first name.
      Woody: Gustav. Gustav Mahler.

    • (Sam's on the phone to Rebecca)
      Sam: I'll be over as soon as I can. (hangs up) Shoot.
      Woody: Who was that?
      Sam: Ah, it's Rebecca; she's all upset. Your father-in-law invited her over to his place to listen to a musicale tonight. She thought she was supposed to be his date; got all dressed up in a fancy dress. Turns out she's only there to tend bar.
      Woody: How could she make that mistake?
      Sam: Oh, come on, Woody. Put yourself in her position: you know, attractive guy asks you over to his place to listen to some music, wants you to wear a fancy dress... you'd go wouldn't you?
      Woody: Oh, no. No, my high school drama teacher tried that one on me. "Once bitten, twice shy," my friend.

    • (Cliff enters the bar)
      Sam: Hey, Cliffy. How ya doin'?
      Cliff: Not well, Sam. Boy am I mad. I've never been this upset! Three words, fellas. Three words... "Dames is grief"!
      Norm: Fighting with ma, huh?
      Cliff: Oh and how. Seems like that's all we do anymore. You know, you'd think it'd be a perfect set-up: a mother and a grown son living in a one-bedroom apartment. But, no. Reality check, gentlemen! Life is not like the movies, I guess, huh.
      Sam: I'm sure it'll all blow over, Cliffy.
      Cliff: Oh, no way, Sammy; not this time. I tell you that broad's pushed me too hard - too hard, I tell ya! And it's about time I started pushin' back. She's just gone and created a monster, that's all. But this monster is not gonna lie in some tomb of ice, no siree. My anger will melt that ice so that I might rise up and... and crush the Tokyo of the buildings there beneath the talons of my animosity...
      Frasier: (interrupts) Cliff. Cliff. We all appreciate how hard you're working on this metaphor, but we get the idea.

    • Cliff: These are your golden years.
      Ma Clavin: Oh, bless your heart. You've given me what every mother dreams of: a tastefully furnished room in which to die among strangers.

    • (Cliff and Ma Clavin have arrived at the retirement home)
      Ma Clavin: Clifford, are you sure we can afford a place like this?
      Cliff: Oh, yeah, Ma. Don't worry. Your insurance policies will cover it.
      Ma Clavin: Oh, that's convenient. You'll have money left for hooch and slatterns.

    • [Cliff is moaning to Sam about putting his mother in a retirement home]
      Sam: All families go through this, Cliffy. Uh, you know, I think you're doing the right thing. Uh, uh, you know, I bet she's gonna be real happy, right? I mean you picked a nice place?
      Cliff: Oh, yeah... real nice place. Famous, too. It was profiled on "Sixty Minutes". You know, a couple of weeks later they went back and did a follow-up even.
      Sam: Well, there you go, Cliff.

    • [Woody, Kelly & Mr. Gaines enter Cheers; they've been at a concert]
      Mr Gaines: That opening piece, that gorgeous Dvorak Cello Concerto in, uh, what was that...
      Rebecca: B minor.
      Mr Gaines: Yes. I thought that was... [looks up, surprised] Why, Miss Howe. I'm flabbergasted. B minor's correct.
      Rebecca: Believe me, I know.
      Mr Gaines: Well, my compliments. Obviously when you worked at the house I failed to appreciate your depth.
      Carla: Not to mention her WIDTH!

    • [Carla, Norm & Paul are searching Cliff's apartment for evidence that Ma Clavin is still alive]
      Paul: There's a jar of bubble bath.
      Norm: Uh, no, that's Cliff's. Uh, he uses it because he thinks it keeps dogs from biting him on his route [pronounces as "root"]
      Paul: Biting him on his WHAT?
      Carla: When he's out delivering mail, doofus!

  • Notes

    • Diane is mentioned by Sam in this episode (Possibly a hint of her return later in the season?).

    • In this episode, Cliff has placed his mother in a nursing home but everyone at the bar thinks he has murdered her. Earlier in the day when this episode was to air, a real-life postal worker in California murdered his mother. At first, NBC was not going to air the episode. They aired the show, but pulled all advertising of it because it had everyone talking about the possible murder of Cliff's mother.

    • This hour long episode airs as 2 half hour episodes in syndication.

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