Season 4 Episode 23

Relief Bartender

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 27, 1986 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • As Sam is waiting for the Lodge members to arrive, you can see a bald man looking through the Cheers entrance door. A minute later the same man enters the bar with his wife. Evidently the man was waiting for his cue but got caught on camera.

    • During the beginning of the episode when Sam is talking to Diane about the their relationship, a man in a blue jacket is standing just outside the Cheers entrance door. His sleeve is visible every time the door opens. After Sam leaves Diane's side Cliff enters Cheers. Evidently he was standing outside waiting for his cue and was too close to the entrance.

  • Quotes

    • Sam: I'll think of something.
      Diane: Well I don't know what.
      Sam: You don't have my brain.
      Diane: Whoever has it should return it. You need it right now.

    • (Business isn't doing well at Cheers now that Sam is the host)
      Sam: I'll think of something.
      Cliff: Skimpy outfits on the waitresses, Sammy.
      Sam: That's not bad.
      Carla: Wait a minute. I don't want people having a look at something I'm ashamed of.
      Sam: You've got a lovely body.
      Carla: I was talking about (Diane's).

    • Diane: I'll buy the bullets if you pull the trigger.
      Carla: Shooting is too quick. I want (Sam) to suffer. Why don't you date him again?

    • Sam: The Fraternal Order of the Caribou are sending a group over.
      Diane: Great. Loud-mouthed, rowdy conventioneers. drinking like fish, swearing like sailors and putting their paws all over us.
      Carla: Yeah, happy birthday to me.

    • Norm: Time out, Sammy. Does this mean you're gonna be hiring another full time bartender?
      Sam: Yeah.
      Norm: I have to advise you, I think that's unwise.
      Sam: You sure?
      Norm: I'd stake my career on it.
      Sam: You're unemployed.
      Norm: Alright. I'll stake your career on it.

    • Diane: Sam, you and I will couple when a thousand ice ages have come and gone.
      Sam: How soon do we get to play touchy-feely?

    • Diane: Frasier, what are you doing here? I thought you had a date tonight.
      Frasier: I did. But when I showed up she was in the middle of a shower.
      Diane: Well couldn't you wait?
      Frasier: It was her bridal shower. The next time I make a date two months in advance, I'll call to confirm.

    • (Cliff walks in mumbling)
      Carla: So it's true. He keeps on talking when people aren't there.
      Norm: Yes, but if no one's there to hear it does he really make a sound?

    • Diane: Cheers. Population: Three caribou and one jackass.

    • Sam: Let's face it, I'm noticed on the street every day.
      Diane: So is a fire hydrant.
      Norm: Sammy, I'm skeptical, but more importantly, I'm thirsty.

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