Season 3 Episode 25

Rescue Me

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM May 09, 1985 on NBC



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    • (Character's Final Line)
      Coach: Carla, in some ways...he can see more.

    • Sam: Well do you think I should go through with this?
      Norm: I think that you and Diane are lovely special people, Sam. Alone. Separately. You know individual. Together frankly, you stink. To the casual observer you're running off to Italy would have to seem stupid beyond reason.
      Sam: I'm goin'.
      Norm: That's what I'd do.

    • Carla: I don't get it Sammy. Why Diane? Why not arsenic or strychnine?

    • Cliff: I hate answering machines. I never know what to say to them.
      Carla: Gee and you're such a whiz with people.

  • Notes

    • The first scene after the opening credits is the unused teaser from "The Bartender's Tale." That episode ran long, and it was decided it would do nicely here.

    • The teaser featuring the late Colasanto was from "Sam Turns The Other Cheek." That episode ran long and it was decided that this previously unused scene would make a nice tribute to the recently deceased actor.

    • As a tribute to the late actor, the laugh track is muted after Coach's final line.

    • This episode is the last to feature Nicholas Colasanto as Ernie "Coach" Pantusso due to his death earlier in the season. He is seen briefly in an outtake.

    • Carla is not pregnant in the outtake that featured the Coach. Carla had been pregnant for 11 episodes prior to this one. I didn't put it down as a goof, because I'm sure that the outtake was added on purpose.

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