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  • well this show was past my time..... but i loved it

    this show was such a great sunday afternoon show, as you recover from a hangova and just see the friendly faces here at cheers, with a great theme songs lol....

    this show was probley well before me time, but it gave me such laughter, but like most shows it start to drown out, which was a shame cause it was a great storyline and great casting.....

    Sammy malone the ladies man. carly the dont take crap girl, but love to dish it out...and come on who would love to walk into the bar where everyone shouts your name how cool was that (im refering to norm) for the dumbass that was a great touch (refering to woody)...and no life cliff just the postie he had some great one liners......Dr crane he lived a very complex life with his wife who i totally forgot the name to it, but had a stuck up character who cheated on Dr Crane so he slept with rebecca....

    well thats all i have time for so see you at the local where everybody doesnt know my name lol
  • i am glad it finally ended

    this show was funny for the first six or seven seasons. but it seemed to just do the same thing over and over. it was always good for a chuckle or two, but i think its best years were behind it when it finally ended. it did have one of the coolest theme songs though.
  • Had a good run.

    This show was defeitly one of many classics I wasnt there when it first came out and still think its a classic. If it came back today it honesly wouldnt do that good because no body goes to bars anymore they mostly go to clubs so they wouldnt understand the concept.
  • Great!

    Cheers is a great show. One of the top 15 ever and definitely one of the top 5-10 shows of the last 30 years. It lasted such a long time and deserved every season it was on. It wasnt one that people kept watching just for nostalgia, it really was a fantastic show the whole time. By the last season it was reaching for story lines a bit, but it was still great. Very few shows can have such big casting changes (Nicholas Colassanto to Woody Harrelson and Shelley Long to Kirstie Alley) and still last that long. Definitely a classic and unique in feel and setting.
  • Excellent show. Watched it off-and-on w/ by dad when I was quite young, though still enjoyed it.

    I watched Cheers a little bit here and there when I was younger. Even though I was not able to pick up on everything that was said or done I still enjoyed the show. It was designed very well. Now when I do see it I am able to enjoy it even more because one I pick up on what all is going on, but also because it does remind me of when I was younger. It's great when driving around or whatever and I see a Cheers, the song instantly pops into my head. I don't think there has been a theme song which has stuck with me so heavily.
  • This was one of the most popular shows ever on television and deservedly so.

    Cheers was I think was one of the most comfortable shows ever. It was one the of the shows you could watch any time. You didn't have to be in any special moods to watch it. It was something you could watch at any time in any company. There was always someone or something in the show that you could relate to. It was okay that the show didn't shock or surprise. It was okay that we knew when Carla was going to crack on Norm or Cliffy. It was okay that we knew exactly how Coach and Woody would confuse and miscontrue things. We still tuned in excitedly and waited anxiously for Norm to walk through the door. We would sigh yet still listen to hear what inane fact Cliff would pull out of his mailbag. The set up from the show would be the blueprint for many comedies that followed for the next 20 years. We still see traces of Cheers in all of the biggest shows of today.
  • One of the all-time best shows!

    The show that delivered laughs every Thursday night for eleven years on NBC remains one of the top tv shows of all-time! Whether it was the Sam/Diane on again/off again relationship, the witty humor by Frasier and Liliath, the hilarious conversations and situations encountered by Cliff and Norm, this show never stopped producing laugh after laugh. Even though it was well before my day, i own seasons 1-5 on dvd and find them all hilarious! The show, regretably got funnier when Woody Harelson replaced the deceased Nicholas Colasanto (r.i.p. Coach). For those who live in caves and have never even heard of television (and normal people who haven't seen the show) you must give this classic sitcom a try. It is without a doubt one of the funniest shows ever, not to mention best overall.
  • This is one of the best shows ever!

    This was a great show. Even though it came out about twenty years ago people the people of today still find it funny. And the show went on for years that were well deserved. With the characters we all know: Sam, Woody, Carla, Diane, Rebecca, Cliff, Norm, Fraiser, and all the extras. And even after Cheers ended almost all the cast got other shows. Ted Danson was in Becker, Kelsey Grammar was in Fraiser, Kirstie Alley was in Fat Actress, but the rest wen't seen that much afterward though. Plus the show won many awards. And now the show Cheers is over and now leaves it's legacy.
  • Still funny

    I watched every episode as it aired and considered it one of the best sitcoms ever made but now that I watch it sporadically on Nick at Nite I have to say that it is the best of all time. Seinfeld might be a lot of people's choice but Cheers stands up to the test of time. Nearly 20 years after these shows aired and it's still killer funny, even my neices and newphew find this show funny and none of them were alive when it originally aired. Great show, dealt with losing Coach so well that it never marred the show's comedic element. A+ all around
  • An excellent show that progressed well.

    Cheers a show set in a bar lasted for 11 seasons. A show in a bar, that's right, and it lasted. Cheers had an amazing cast which made the show able to go for as long as it did. It lived for another ten years with Frasier. But Cheers in itself will always be remembered as what it was. A show no one would get tired of. Ted Danson became Becker after being Sam and a lot of the Cheers cast guest appeared on Becker as completely new people. It tells us of what friends these superstars became. An excellent show of an extremely high quality, we say cheers to cheers.
  • A TV Great

    Cheers was a fantastic situation comedy, huge in all areas, such as cast, episodes and laughs. Cheers was so real it felt as if you were sitting next to the regular barflys of the most endearing watering hole in TV history.
    The characters of Cheers were excellent, with characteristics so real it was fascinating to observe. Sam (Ted Danson) was disgraceful yet lovable, Diane (Shelley Long) was just sublime, with her constant snobbery yet acceptance that this was where she suited best. Carla (Rhea Perlman) was viciously acidic to all yet there were rare moments when she showed her tender interior. Norm (George Wendt) and Cliff (John Ratzenberger) were a hilarious comedy double act, constantly getting into crazed situations and forever fretting about where their next jar of love was coming from. Woody (Woody Harrelson) was divinely dim, sometimes so dense it was just TOO funny to watch.
    Yet among Cheers were three characters that really shone, that elevated it even further to the lofty heights of greatness. These characters were Rebecca, Frasier and Lilith, played by Kirstie Alley, Kelsey Grammer and Bebe Neuwirth. Rebecca was adorable and ditzy, always searching for her meaning in life as well as the riches she craved, Frasier was pompous yet yearned to just be 'one of the guys' and Lilith was a comedy creation to be admired, with Bebe Neuwirth playing her dry, totally devoid of emotion and cold character perfectly.
    Cheers was a sitcom that deserves to be remembered as a classic. Hopefully, in twenty years from now, it will still be doing the rounds on cable TV. Only time will tell.
  • I never really didn\\\\\\\'t know about Cheers till it aired in syndication. I am however a huge Frasier fan, so I began to watch Cheers when it re-aired and I actually enjoyed it alot. The series is about a bunch of relationships in a bar. Great show,one

    The show mainly focuses on the life of former baseball relief pitcher Sam \\\\\\\"Mayday\\\\\\\" Malone (Ted Danson). After becoming an alcoholic and quitting the game of baseball, Sam becomes the owner and bartender of a small Boston bar called Cheers. The story of the series takes place like this, an intellectual woman Diane Chambers visits Cheers one day with her fiance and after he runs out on her she is confused about what she will do for the rest of her life. So Sam offers her a job as a waitress in Cheers.

    Now Cheers itself isn\\\\\\\'t a regular bar, there is Rhea Pearlman who plays Carla Tortelli (A street wise waitress with an attitude problem), Norm (the lovable but lazy unemployed beer loving customer), Cliff Clavin (The know-it-all postman) and Coach (the not so bright bartender). In the third season, psychiatrist Frasier Crane (Kelsey Grammar) was brought in as the love interest for Diane, which didn\\\\\\\'t work well because she dumped him. However Frasier got his job as a minor character in the series who suffered severely after being left by Diane.

    Sadly also the Coach dies but is replaced by Woody Harrelson as Woody Boyd (as a not so bright bartender from Indiana). Along with the addition of Bebe Neurwirth) as Frasier\\\\\\\'s bland psychiatrist wife. Which is really when the show began to take off, however Shelley Long who played Diane left the series right toward the mainstream popularity.

    As soon as Shelley left, the new character that brought it in was Kirstie Alley as Rebecca Howe (the new owner of Cheers) after Sam leaves. With Kirstie Alley and the series regulars the show became better then ever. Eventually becoming the #1 series in the country in 1990-91.

    Though the show ran from 1982-1993. Most of the best episodes of the series really took place from 1984-92, because of the additions of Grammer, Neurwirth, Harrelson and Alley.

    Hard to believe a show that was panned by critics soon became one the longest lasting American sitcoms of all time. IT also lead to the birth of Frasier, a spin off of Kelsey Grammar\\\\\\\'s character. Great series, amazing cast and great acting. One of the best American sitcoms of all time and in my opinion the best show of the 1980\\\\\\\'s.
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  • Always loved Norms entrances

    (Woody)After everyone yells NORM!! What's go'in down Mr. Peterson? (Norm) My cheeks on this bar stool (Sam) Hay Norm, how is it going? (Norm) It's a dog eat dog world Sammy...and i'm wearing milkbone underware.....(Coach) Hay normmy what's shakin? (Norm) All four cheeks and both chins.
  • Very funny show about a former baseball player that runs a bar. Lots of strange characters including bar workers and regular customers.

    I'm giving it a nine point five, but for awhile it was a ten. I loved the Sam and Diane romance but hated Frazier, especially when he got his own show. Coach was great. I was very sad when he died. Woody filled in pretty well but it just was not the same. Then came Rebecca. She was Ok, but I never really got into the character. I like Kirstie Alley better now just as a person then I ever did before. Cliff and Norm were classic. It was sad to hear that John Ratzenberger did not really care for the show or his character. It is kind of like when you have a sports hero and then hear that he doesn't even like the sport that he plays.
  • A local bar in Boston is owned by former major-league pitcher Sam Malone. When Diane Chambers is jilted on the eve of her honeymoon, and left waiting at Cheers, she reluctantly takes a vacant waitress position. The interplay between the two lead character

    This show was always like comfy pair of pants for me. It felt like the characters really did know my name. It got better and better each season, and the jokes were more frequent and funny from Diane's last season, (5) on. It was interesting that many of the guest stars went on to other NBC must-see shows, like Wings, Night Court, Frasier, etc.
  • A story of the working staff of a bar in Boston as they interact with the customers

    The show is an improbable setting about an alcoholic with no business sense buying a bar. And other improbable features tend to get overlooked - such as the volume of time that a busy psychiatrist spends there, the way that the patrons identify themselves with the business of the bar, etc.

    The strength of Cheers is the mix and range of characters, and the persistency of the cast. Over 11 years, there were only 2 major cast changes - one provoked by the death of Nicholas Colasanto - and only 1 major cast addition, Frasier Crane.

    Ironically, the anchor character, the symbol of steadiness, was the ill-employed Norm Peterson. The height of Norm's steadiness was emphasized in a throw-away scene. A customer returned to Cheers after 20 years only to find everything changed, though he did recognize Norm sitting on his barstool, sitting exactly where he was sitting 20 years earlier.

    Intellects range from the hyper-intellectual Diane to the lower-IQ-than-a-paper-napkin Sam, to the pseudo-intellectual Cliff. Temperments range from the fiery Carla, to the innocent and naive Woody. Rebecca was introduced as all-business, but was quickly exposed as a ditz.

  • I miss this show so much

    Cheers was by far one of the greatest shows in TV history. for the first season they never even ventured outside of the bar. not many shows can pull off never leaving teh same room. and not many shows can pull off so much great stuff all in one room. The writing was hillarious, the acting superb, and the directing perfect. Coach was by far my favorite character of all time. He was just so innocent and full of life. then he died. and they brought in Woody Harrelson. Woody was good, but it wasn't the same without coach. Coach just had that sort of life that no one else could bring to the show.
  • Boston's bar room comedy has become a classic.

    The fact that Cheers characters, quotations and catchphrases have entered the common lexicon means that this easy-going comedy has made it into the big leagues of comedy classics.

    How many TV shows have their own theme bars across the world? Although the gimmicky menus and replicated sets may ring a little hollow for true fans, Cheers' strength was always in making us feel that that Boston bar represented the many pubs and taverns we've been regulars in throughout our lives.

    In a way, the premise of watching the comings and goings in a busy bar was an obvious one to adopt for a comedy writer. The problem with dramatising a bar is that drinking with friends is often such a personal experience. The universal themes which Cheers used to grip its audience were lost love, growing older, and taking stock of your life. Characters like Norm, Cliff, Sam, Diane and Frazier may never have met but for the warmth of their second home.

  • Cheers had a strong pilot episode but aside from a few exceptions couldn't match it until the 5th season...

    Cheers had a strong pilot episode but aside from a few exceptions couldn't match it until the 5th season, and didn't hit it's stride until the 6th.

    The 5th season was Diane's last, and the writers had finally found the right "on again, off again" chemistry for she and Sam culminating in one of the series better episodes "Simon Says".

    In a way Cheers ended after season 5 and became an entirely new and funnier show in season 6. Rebecca was not only good at belittling Sam (like Diane) but also at being even sleazier than him.

    The show remained consistent until the last couple seasons when it became obvious it was losing steam.

    Ted Danson originally wanted to leave after season 8 but was enticed by the producers to stay on a few more seasons. By the 11th it was definitely time to call it quits.

    The Cheers finale remains in my opinion one of the best send-offs in sitcom history. However, my favorite episode would have to be "an old-fashioned wedding".
  • A sitcom featuring a band of misfits who band together in a Boston bar.

    A well-written comedy that has as interesting a cast of characters as you will ever find. Consistently funny...I still laugh at episodes I\'ve seen at least ten times over the years. In my opinion, the greatest sitcom of all-time. Worth buying the DVDs for sure...I plan on buying the whole series.
  • Cheers is the place where everyone knowns your name, and you will want to visit this bar time after time again.

    Cheers was and still is a classic sitcom. Its a show about the basic things in life, like sitting down chatting with people, and not really carring about the harder things in life. Cheers had a cast of wonderfully likeable charecters, and each episode was filled with laughter and compfort. It's a show that really lets you relax and take time out of your day and just enjoy that half hour of classic television! Cheers for me is a great show to vist time and time again!
  • A milestone in TV Commedy

    I guess this show is one of the most important Sitcoms in the history of TV-Sitcoms. The writers allways knew how to increase the fun from Season to Season. The Characters developed in a good way, and getting more complex from season to season. The writers even managed the loss of to main characters, that dissapeared in season 3 and 6 (Diane and The Coach). I guess the number of 11 Seasons speaks for it self.

    If you've never seen it, WATCH IT! It's a great show, and worth every minute of watching.In fact i'm using this show as medicine when i'm down. - It helps!
  • Brilliant - a classic

    The show that spawned Frasier. Hard to know which one I like more but its probably Cheers. Woody, Sam, Carla, Cliff and Norm are all supberb characters in their own ways. Woody was a bit of a loveable idiot, Sam a womaniser, Carla had a quick wit so she was always ready to make jokes at the expense of the others and Cliff and Norm are quite a comedy duo. Their conversations at the bar were always entertaining.

    The show rarely left the bar, but really thats what it was all about - without the bar there was nothing.

    I rarely get to see this show, but whenever its on I know I'm not going to miss it!
  • Are they going to do a reunion?

    Cheers is a very good show. I used to watch it when it aired years back. I always laughed at all the characters' jokes they say to one another. Woody and Norm are my favorite characters because their comedy is funny together. Sam is another favorite of mine because he's the leader, I think, and he's supposed to be the finniest or one of the funniest of the cast.
  • Just Perfect!

    "Cheers" is just an awesome TV show. The carachters are just perfect, they have a chemistry together, is a brilliant show! Carla is the best carachter ever, she is great. Frasier is very funny and Diane too. Unfortunetly here where I live, Cheers doesn't air anymore, sometimes Brazil just sucks!
  • i love this classic series

    I love this show so much. it shouldn't have gone off the air, but the actor who played Sam had to "find himself"??? (it says this on the Seinfeld DVD's but maybe I'm wrong) I still love this show. Norm is hilarious so is Cliff and Wanda. I always hate the woman Sam lieks though, whatever there names are.

  • One of the great ensemble comedies of all time...!

    A comedy show that has an ensemble cast can, and usually does, prove to be a challenge to build an audience with and be sustainable. Cheers was such a comedy and will go in history as one of television's all time great comedies. Set in a downtown Boston bar, each episode revolved around the daily actions of the staff and patrons of the bar in very funny situations. Sam Malone, a former baseball player and current bar owner/ladies man, Carla, a bar maid whose sharp tongue spares no one, Norm, a lovable rotund man whose love for beer is seemingly never satisfied, and Cliff, a letter carrier who thinks he knows everything about, well, everything were the mainstays of the cast over the length of the series.

    The writing was top notch in nearly episode of the series and this reviewer would hard pressed to name just one episode that stands above any of the others. The best this reviewer can recommend is that if someone is new to the series, try watching it if it's available on reruns locally or buy one of the season sets available at a local store. A great show that can be enjoyed by everybody!!
  • Great show, wish i knew which episode had we will rock u by queen

    10 if u know.
    I watched it since i was a kid and have always wanted the dvds. I don\'t usually have time to watch them when they\'re on TV land, but I hope I get em all on DVD someday. Thanks to all the cast and i still miss coach.
  • It's the place where everybody knows your name,and what a place it was.

    Cheers ran on nbc for 11 seasons and as the years went on the show got better and better.clearly a classic that still going strong on reruns.As far as tv history goes cheers is no doubt on the top ten list as far as all time great comedies,A great show.
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