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  • "Of all sad words of tongue or pen, the worst are these "what might have been.'" This is the only way to describe this show, not only a quote used by Diane in Cheers for our entertainmet, but also a clear description on my feelings for this show.

    There is really no greater way to start off a show than with a bang, and did this cast pack a wallop. Though starting without the charade of characters we would later see as the "norm", they still made a beautiful debut for a non top 25 show of that year. The cast that we saw in that first season included the less star bound members of teh Cheers cast, but perhaps a part of the cast that ultimately made the show. We had Sam Malone, former Bo Sox Relief Pitcher and teh man who graced number 16 under his "relief" bartender, Ernie "Coach" Pantusso. Coach was a dumbfounded man with a heart of gold and a mind that was a bit off. Though rarely an angry man the subtle use of his cursing and yelling in just the right spot seemed to add what was never filled by his later replacement Woody Harrellson. Also in the debut cast was Hillary Normand Peterson. A man with a bar tab as big as his belly. Always entered the room to an ecstatic crowd of Bostonians. And as if the cavalcade of shouts for him weren't enough, he always got a "setup" by the coach to lead to his one line jokes that would topple even the most grim of men. But in the first episode it wasn't just the all too happy go lucky cast we saw, but another side as well. Diane Chambers, a college student to just about every major known to man, was founded by the guys at the bar when her fiance, Sumner Sloan, dumped her off for his ex-wife. She would become a mainstay player in the cast for 5 years and brought a certain intelligence to the show that would later be replaced by Lillith Sternen and husband Frasier Crane. Although a young and nice exterior is what most saw, the regulars knew of her raging temper with Sam and how she cared so much for all. Dwindling down on that cast we come to Rhea Perlman's character, Carla Tortelli. She had a temper and a neglect for authority and enough kids to make up her own baseball team. Known mostly for her one liners and acts of pain upon the cast, we rarely would ever see her true side of compassion for her friends. And one of her best friends in the bar was none other than Clifford C. Claving. Though it was rarely ever shown Carla seemed to love Cliff as a great friend throughout the series but stayed away from ever lettting him know this. Cliff, a mailman, loved his job and friends. He would oft speak of his sexual experience which we never see a hint of throughout the series. The show was proving to become a big hit when they took on another young actor. a somewhat slim man at that time, Frasier Crane came into the series through Diane. She had just broken up with Sam after one year and had been staying at Goldenbrook, a silent retreat. She met a psychaiatrist there. [ie. Frasier Crane]They fell in love adn eventually they return to the bar to save Sam from his emotional turmoil and alchoholic binge of death. Afterwards Diane returns to Cheers and later would leave Frasier in Europe at the alter. After that faithful season three, the Cheers cast settled for heartbreak as Nicholas Colasanto had passed away. He was shuffled away to many places in season 3 due to health problems and finally passed on during the off season. But ready to step up to plate was a young and vibrant Woody Harrelson. He would take on the part of the short witted and farm boy bartender, Woodrow tiberius Booyd. Quickly liked by all fans we saw a Coach likeness in him that was just as funny with a young attitude to dethrone Sam as the Hott bartender. On down the road and after many lost loves Diane Chambers leaves Cheers forever. Sam would chase her around the world in a boat he bought through selling away his bar but it would sink and he never found Diane. He comes back to a more corperate Cheers than he had left. He finds Rebecca Howe, a young and busty business lady willing to fake love to make it in the business world, in charge of Cheers. He lands a job back there as a relief bartender and takes on a rule that would give the show new life. The show would go with rare cast changes until season 11 when Rebecca gets married to a plummer. She sees that money and Robin Colcourt, a millionare business man, are not what love is about. Also Diane returns and her and Sam want to get married but it falls through. Frasier walks off to a new show of his own and the regulars keep regular at the bar. The show ends on two beautiful notes. Sam goes over and fixes a picture on the wall that used to hang in Nicholas Colasanto's dressing room and a knock comes to the door and Sam simply ends the show with "We're closed..." years have went by and no other show has combined an all star calibur cast like this. Frasier would be the only spin-off coming from Cheers and would go on for a 9 year run similar to a runaway freight train. Al Rosen, a series regular and a baseball legend, passed on in those final years and left a legacy that is always understated. And is relived in an episode of Frasier many years later when Frasier mistakes Phil for Al and Phil calls Frasier a son of a bitch. No better way to see his last television appearance than renewing his old partners memory. Although Carla never found love we can only imagine, Cliff most likely still works for the USPS, Norm is probably in deep need for a liver transplant, and Sam...
  • A classic comedy that provided much needed laughter, and built the foundations for another great comedy of the 90s/00s.

    Sometimes you get influenced by your parents or older relatives on shows that you watch, and Cheers is the case for me. It was something that mainly broadcast when I was too young to appreciate it.

    Set in a sports bar in Boston, Cheers is about people who form unlikely friendships with each other by coming at the end of the day (or the whole day in Norm's case) to Cheers in order to relax. It sets the scene for plenty of comic opportunities, as well as the brilliantly-written characters who you grow very fond of after just a few episodes.

    This is my favourite classic comedy that is a class above the rest in my opinion. It is definitely worth a glance.
  • This is probably the best sitcom released in the 80s.

    When the show was released in 1982, hardly anybody watched it. With the bad ratings, it's surprising that it even made it to season 2. Once it did though, it became one of the funniest and most original series in Television history.

    First, the setting for this show was classic. Who had ever heard of a bar for a TV show backdrop? Who has even done it since? It's so original from the get go, but the characters are where the show really shines.

    You have Cliff, the postal worker who is gullible trivia buff who is constantly telling stories that nobody gives a crap about.

    There's Norm, the guy who has a huge running tab there and is there so often he actually has his own seat that nobody else dares sit in. He also has a wife, Vera, that nobody ever sees since he's always at the bar.

    Sam is the owner of the bar (well at least at first) who is extremely vain and conceited but only has eyes for one of his employees, played by Shelly Long.

    Then there's Woody, which in my opinion made the show SO much better. His country innocence and stupidity made for some of the best lines on the show. When he came in after Coach died, the show was that much better.

    80 or so precent of the shots of this show were in the Cheers bar, but with the people they had playing these parts there didn't need to be a wide variance of locales to keep up viewer interest. As a bar patron myself, I could only wish to frequent a place like Cheers where everybody truly knew your name.
  • Awesome show...ted danson in the role of his life...the embodiment of a chauvinist and macho...That show: A man's must!!!!

    One of the most successful series of the 80's. The show won 6 golden globes for it's outstanding humor. Set in a bar in Boston where ex-red socks pitcher Sam Malone spends his retirement as a bartender/owner serving more or less the same losers and loners every day. His favorite hobby? Women. A must see for everybody. Ageless humor and outstanding acting.
  • just watch very good


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  • It's about a group of people who(if nothing else) share one interest: a small bar in Boston. With a sarcastic attitude, a bar bumb, an x-alcoholic, a nut-case, an uptight boss and so much more, it's hard not to crack-up at this outragiously funny comedy!

    I absolutely love this show!!! Even though it ended a couple years ago I still watch the reruns whenever I can. Every show, every time it makes me laugh until I can't breath. The thing i like most about this show is that it will make you walk away smiling. It will make your day a little better i think. The completely different and off the wall characters are what make the show so funny and entertaining. I recomend this show to teenagers and up because some of the content can be a little rough. But in my oppinion that makes the show ten times funnier!
  • Cheers is a great show! It has a lot of comedy that keeps you glued to the screen, especially with the plots.

    Cheers is a great show! It has a lot of comedy that keeps you glued to the screen, especially with the plots. Cheers could be better if the whole entire series wasn't always at a bar. (Except restaurants or peoples homes)It's off the wall! Overall, Cheers was a great show!
  • Very funny, and stayed that way.

    Cheers is a hilarious show that is set in a bar. Even though 75% of episodes are in the bar, thats not a bad thing. The bar has a huge set, and I dont even think they vistited even parts of the set. Even most house sets arent like that.

    Every episode is hilarious and always has a 'laugh out loud' moment. Most of the best jokes come from Woody who replaced Coach after he passed away [RIP]. I was never a HUGE fan of Coach, and I never thought he was too funny, especially compared to Woody, but I still am saddened by his death, and was happy they paid a small tribute to him in the bar with his dressing room picture.

    Now, some people say, Who was better? Kirstie [Rebecca], or Shelley [Diane]. I would say they are even because they are dramtically different characters. Diane was a innocent waitress who always tried to do the good thing. But Rebecca was a business woman who had a horrible life. They were both funny in their both ways, but if I had to, I would give a slight nod to Diane's time on the show because she wasnt as messed up as Rebecca.

    I give Cheers a Red Giant score of 9.6 as its my favorite sitcom RIGHT BEHIND The Cosby Show.

    On The Positive Side...

    + Hilarious show
    + Over 200 Episodes! [and another 200 with Frasier.
    + Woody, Diane
    + Beatiful and Huge Set.

    On The Negative Side...

    - Coach did not fit in as well as the other characters of the show.
    - Diane left the show early just as it was becoming a success.
    - This whole series isnt on DVD yet!
  • My favorite show. Period.

    Very few shows have lasted as long as Cheers did. Even fewer have maintained the high level of quality for that long. Most shows have their ups and downs. One episode here or there usually isn't that great. When I come across that episode I think "Oh. It's that one. What else is on?" I have seen every episode of Cheers and have never seen one that wasn't funny though. I'll admit that some episodes were better than others, but there is something in every one of them that is going to make me laugh. It sucks me in every time. If I'm flipping through channels and come across it, I have to stop even though I've seen them all many times.

    I grew up on this show so my opinion may be a little skewed by nostalgia. In my rankings it is followed closely by MASH and Seinfeld, but Cheers will (most likely) always be #1 for me.
  • A sports bar in Boston and all the daily regulars who are in it.

    Sam Malone owns Cheers, a sports bar. Sam was a former major league baseball player, who is a recovering alcoholic. Carla is a waitress with anger problems and is a die hard Boston sports fan. Coach is a bartender, who used to coach Sam in the major's. Diane is a well educated waitress who is always has something smart to say. Norm is a regular who always sits in the same seat. Cliff is a mailman and has interesting facts for everyone.
  • I know it's absolutely fabulous for the same reason that The Cosby Show and Family Ties were fabulous. Heck! It wouldn't have lasted as long as it did if it weren't fabulous!

    The only thing my mom and I liked about Cheers was the song, because we could relate to walking into a public place where we were regulars and everybody knew our names. We related to people always being glad we came and people being the same. After all, who's glad about people being ticked off that you're there? Don't we all want to know that there's someone out there like us? Something's wrong with you if you like going to a place where people are so different from you that they think you're a freak in your own world. That song was sufficient for our Cheers fix. For those who wanted more than the theme song, we're happy for them too. Everyone's different.
  • good show good cast ... the shelly era was the best tho with .... woody taking over more each season probally best sit com of the 80's

    a must watch for the
    80's sit com's sam and di and then rebecca and ...
    woody become more ... in the show ..
    the tension as it ...became more and more each season too
    the early seaons are the best tho
    the newness and
    norm and cliff with carla ...
    plus the new guy a triva question for all you cheers fans is = well tell me huh
  • A classic show that is still enjoyable on TV land and sometimes Nick at Night.

    Cheers is another classic comedy next to Seinfeld. It is no where near as good but still very funny and enjoyable. It is set in a bar in Boston and revolves around the lives of the bartender and its nightly patrons. There are several hilarious characters including Sam, the bartender, played by Ted Danson, and Woody played by Woddy Harrelson. This show has many classic episodes and does get better every season. I have the DVD's of season 3 and love them. I strongly recommend picking up some of the DVD's for sale and enjoying them for yourselves anytime you want.
  • Sam Malone, a former baseball star, is the head of a nice little bar where Norm, Cliff, Dr. Frasier and all the other regular customers spend together a few hours every day, talking about their problems, laughing at each other's flaws, trying to be there

    Cheers was a fantastic situation comedy, huge in all areas, such as cast, episodes and laughs. Cheers was so real it felt as if you were sitting next to the regular barflies of the most endearing watering hole in TV history. A dominant block-buster of a television series that put NBC on top in the ratings race in the 1980s and the network has not looked back since. When "Cheers" first came into homes around the nation in 1982, it was greatly ignored by the viewing public. The Emmy Awards more than anything resurrected a series that had no life after a first season that found the series consistently in the gutter of the Nielsen Ratings. After several big-time awards (including one for Best Comedy Series) "Cheers" sky-rocketed and was almost always a top 5 show and most of the times the number 1 program in America.

    The characters of Cheers were excellent, with characteristics so real it was fascinating to observe. In modern-day Boston, a small tavern does prove that there are still places where everyone does indeed "know your name". A former baseball player (Ted Danson) owns a bar that caters to many. Including bar-flies George Wendt and John Ratzenberger, former professional coach Nicholas Colasanto, a waitress Rhea Perlman and love interest Shelley Long. As the years passed, the cast changed. Shelley Long left the show and was replaced with Kirstie Alley who became the owner and Colasanto passed away in real life and the Woody Harrelson character was created.

    Yet among Cheers were characters that really shone, that elevated it even further to the lofty heights of greatness. Rebecca was adorable and ditzy, always searching for her meaning in life as well as the riches she craved. Psychiatrist Kelsey Grammar (and wife Bebe Neuwirth) would also come along early in the series and just add more color, heart and intelligence to a show that had a surplus of all those elements throughout its 11-year-run. Later Kelsey Grammer would continue his role as “Dr. Frasier Winslow Crane” in the highly viewed and long running NBC’s “Frasier”. And Lilith was a comedy creation to be admired, with Bebe Neuwirth playing her dry, totally devoid of emotion and cold character perfectly. She also renewed her role in Kelsey Grammer’s show Frasier, as his ex-wife.

    Quirky stories, heartwarming moments, heartrending situations and consistent comedy would always follow the key players. but the constant was always the show's outstanding group of creative writers and top-notch directors. From the emotionally-charged theme song to its smallest of bit players, "Cheers" proved that there could be quality on television and that it could sustain and withstand unfortunate problems with its players in real-life. Monumentally important to the art of television study. A truly outstanding achievement for all involved.
  • You will always have fun with Sam, Carla, Norm, and Cliff.

    Cheers was a wonderful show that brings back many fond memories of growing up at home. My parents and I always watched this show while eating dinner. Sometimes the show was more on the serious a even occasionally on the depresing side, but over all this was a fun show to watch characters grow and bond. The shows main focus was on the bar tender Sam Malone and it showed his life as a wild bachelar. In the end Sam realized some of the important things in life that he was missing out on and had to face some life changing decisions. This show has many memorable moments such as: Cliff going on Jeapordy, Sky diving advertisment, Diane says goodbye, and turning the back room into a tea room. This show is very fun and highly recomended.
  • Cheers is always good for a laugh.

    There are very few shows in existence where you love just about every main character in the show. For me there are only three where I have liked he entire cast Seinfeld, Friends and Cheers. Cheers virtually paved the way for the 90’s to modern sitcoms. It established the regular character spot in sitcoms and it also helped fine tune the guest star spot. Although the show ended in 1993 Nick at Night and DVD sales have kept this show alive. Although I was a casual watcher when it was on I was young and didn’t really pay attention but now that I am 25 and they have released the DVD and the series can be watched in order it is truly incredible how funny this show really was. It has made me laugh out loud on more than one occasion. No matter what your mood Cheers will always make you laugh.
  • Making your way in the world today takes everything you got.

    Wouldn't you like to get away. Sometimes you aught to go were everybody knows your name, and their always glad you came. You wanna be were you can be. You wanna go were everybody knows your name. It is a classic show. There are no shows like it any more. I was basically a very relaxing show.
  • Funniest show on TV, period!

    Without a doubt, the funniest show that ever was… well to me, anyway. The first time I watched it was in 1986. I loved the chemistry between Sam and Diane, and Carla’s sarcastic sense of humor. When Shelly Long left the cast I can’t tell you how disappointed I was. I did not think the show could be as funny or as interesting to watch. But with the addition of the character of Rebecca, I found how wrong I was. This is one of those shows that I watch for a pick me up. Its wonderfully funny and brilliant. Truly a classic… CHEERS!
  • Where every body knows your name and your allways glad you came!

    This was a rush home after work to watch kind of a show and Ted Danson was hillarious! Who could for get the haunted fose ball table and woody holding a parking space for ted ! Funny funny funny It was an awesome show and i think we all want it back!
  • Cheers is one of the best!

    I love watching Cheers on TV Land. I wasn't born when Cheers was in its glory days, but i still enjoy watching the trials and tribulations of the bar rats in the place where everybody knows your name. The true marking of the show's greatness was the two seemless transitions made when the cast was changed. The first change came when my personal favorite character, Coach (Nicholas Colasanto), died. The addition of Woody Boyd (Woody Harrelson) was not a cheap imitation of Coach, but a new character with a different story alltogether. The major transition came when Shelley Long (and her character Diane Chambers) decided to leave the show. Again, the writers of the showe prevailed by introducing the hard-luck Rebecca Howe (played by Kirstie Alley). These transitions, with the endless amount of one-liners and witty dialogue, make Cheers a classic television show.
  • This show will always be considered a classic.

    Who knew that a show about a Boston bar where "Everybody Knows Your Name" would be such a hit? This show is one that you can guarantee yourseld that you will be laughing for the entire 30 minutes. The reruns that are shown are just as funny as when they first aired, and they will never get old. "Cheers" will always be a classic.
  • Cheers is the bar where everybody knows your name...

    Cheers is simply perfect. from start to finish, it was brilliant. It has a excellent cast with the leading man being Ted Danson and his leading lady being Shelley Long. The episodes were consistently funny and fresh and never short of laughs.

    When Shelley Long left, Cheers took it with a pinch of salt and got better and better. It was 11 years of pure comedy with such highlights as Sam and Diane's memorable romance, the introduction of Lilith, Frasier, Woody and Rebecca and the hilarious friendship of best buddy barflies Cliff and Norm, the most regular regular at the bar who gets greeted by his very own fanfare 'NORM!!!.

    It also has a kick-ass theme tune and is simply brillaint! Long live syndication re-runs!
  • Everybody knows your name. . . .

    This is one of those shows that should have never gone off the air. Even in the eleventh season this show was still a great comedy. It was one of those shows that I would have loved to seen go on forever.

    The cast was wonderful and memorable. Who couldn't love Cliff and Norm!

    This was one of those shows that never gets old. A try rerun classic!
  • Classic theme song, classic story, classic characters, classic lines...

    Cheers is the name of a fictional bar where, as the theme song goes, “everybody knows your name”. Although the people in the bar changed over time, the general atmosphere of the show stayed the same from day one to episode 268. Most shows take time to find their footing. The first few episodes, or even the entire first season is uncomfortable and awkward. But Cheers was different. From the very first episode, this show is brilliant.
    Sam Malone, Ted Danson in the role of his life, is a recovering alcoholic and a retired relief pitcher for the Boston Red Sox. Sam owns the bar and is the bar tender. Ernie Pantusso, affectionately known as “Coach” is the other, much older, and charmingly dim bar tender. Carla is the short and sassy barmaid played by Rhea Perlman. In the show’s first episode Diane Chambers is hired as a cocktail waitress, brilliantly played by Shelley Long as the annoyingly intelligent, too smart to be here type. Nicholas Colasanto played the lovable coach perfectly, until his tragic death during the third season. His replacement, Woody Boyd, played by Woody Harrelson, was just as dumb as coach, but with no good reason.
    Of course, every bar needs barflies. Norm Peterson (“NORM!” everyone yells when he enters the bar) watches life go by from his barstool, played by George Wendt. His buddy Cliff Clavin, played by John Ratzenberger, is the bar know-it all. A few seasons into the show enters the exceptional Kelsey Grammer as psychiatrist Frasier Crane. Initially as a love interest for Diane, but he steals the show and stays as a regular for the duration of the show, even Diane leaves him at the altar, and even leaves the show. Dr. Crane’s second love interest, the pale faced and monotone voiced Dr. Lilith Sternin (eventually Sternin-Crane) enters. Played by stage actress Bebe Neuwirth, she expands from a one joke character, to one of the regulars, and then eventually leaves the show.
    Then there’s Rebecca Howe, Kirstie Alley’s character. She came in after Shelley Long left. At first she a hard nosed, icy bar manager, she over time became an insecure, neurotic and whiney.
    The writing was always brilliant, with great jokes and interesting storylines. The idea of the two main characters, Sam and Diane, not getting together until the end of the first season, although the audience knows of their mutual attraction, was unheard of at the time, but is know a television staple. There was always witty banter between the lovers, and also between the regulars and the staff. The characters seemed like family, and they made the audience feel like a part of that family
    The regular cast (all of which received at least one Emmy nomination) was brilliant and always had great chemistry. The writing was always top-notch, and with one of the most beloved theme songs of all time, it’s surprising that Cheers almost got cancelled after its first season. But due to the support of loyal fans, and the then-president of NBC, who had great faith in the show, it went on for ten more.
  • With interesting characters and sharp dialogue, "Cheers", along with "The Cosby Show" and "Family Ties", defined primetime in the 80's and set a standard for sitcoms to come.

    The sitcom revolved around regulars at a Boston bar: playboy manager and former baseball player Sam Malone[Ted Danson], Sam's on-again-off-again lover and perfectionsit Diane Chambers[Shelley Long], dimwitted lovable bartender Coach[Ernie Pantanuso], wisecracking never-ending-child-bearing waitress Carla[Rhea Perlman], beer-guzzling regular Norm[George Wendt] , know-it-all mailman Cliff[John Ratzenberger], and neurotic psychologist Frasier Crane[Kelsey Grammer]. Coach soon died and was replaced by another lovable dimwit Woody[Woody Harrelson]. Diane left Cheers to pursue writing and was replaced by Sam's new eye candy and lovable loser Rebecca Howe[Kirstie Alley]. Frasier soon got married to Lilith Sternin, another straight-nosed psychologist[Bebe Neuwirth].

    The entire cast was solid and every memeber in the cast went on to get Emmy nominations and some of them even won[Rhea Perlman, Woody Harrelson, Bebe Neuwirth, Kirstie Alley]. The story lines never disappointed except some in the last season. The dialogue was great and had many of the regulars giving one-liners or comebacks to each other. What was interesting about the characters were that everyone as an essential failure at life in some way. Sam was a retired baseball hasbeen, Diane a writer turned waitress, Carla a waitress with an amount of kids you could count on both hands, Norm a bum who never went home, Frasier and Lilith, also intelligent failures, Rebecca a manager at a bar who could be something else. Also each character had an essential quirk to them: Sam, being a former baseball player, Norm being skilled at interior decorating, Cliff being a trivia headcase, Diane being skilled at writing, Carla having a heart under that tough interior. "Cheers", in a way, could be thought of as a quick-witted character study with irony. The show was a big success and lasted for 11 years. This sitcom, and its other NBC sitcom partners, "The Cosby Show" and "Family Ties" all had something unique to them that set them apart from the rest. That is no doubt!
  • This is one of the best shows of all time.

    This show is a classic. The show in itself is timeless. Even with the tragic death of Coach they got Woody, who could be Coachs son with the way he thinks. Then you have Cliff, Norm, and Carla. They are the staples of the bar. The on again, off again romance of Sam and Diane/Rebecca will keep you comming back. Then you have the Cranes. Frasier and Lillith made the ladder seasons very enjoyable. I hope this show never goes off the air with reruns.
  • More...

    Cheers starts off where Sam and his Coach run a bar. The first few episodes are like a ghost town. There is almost nobody there at first. But they all get back on their feet, and make even more friends along the way that are doing the same thing.

    Coach was in charge of Sam's Baseball Team.

    There's Sam, who first had red hair, either it was that, or there was a red light shining on his head above the bar.

    He meets Diane, who is a very intelligent waitress and has a relationship with Sam. She later leaves for her writing career.

    Then There's Carla, who's name is as long as her number of kids, and acts mean, but sometimes she isn't. But Woody answered the question why people were dumping glasses on the customers "She's Just Mean!" Sam and Rebecca do Carla a favor by baby-sitting all of her kids,

    "NORM!" is a painter, and an accountant, and dresses up, and is famous in the bar, always sits in the same spot, and usually hides in Cheers, and also gets his mail there. He loves Beer. He is also a Bartender sometimes. His dream is to taste all kinds of Beer. There is an alien version of Norm (Called Morn.) on Star Trek Deep Space Nine. They also played the Cheers Theme on the Morn Website.

    Cliff is a mail person, and devotes his life to delivering mail, and telling people all kinds of strange facts.

    Esther Claven is Cliff's Mom. They love each other and get on each other's nerves.

    Woody is another bartender, and is usually funny, but sometimes pushes it, like when he bragged about eating a little pig.

    Earl is a jolly good fellow, and was one of many substitute bartenders.

    There was a substitute waitress that dedicated her life to becoming a waitress.

    Rebecca Howe is another intelligent person that works for “a corporation” and buys cheers, and becomes the owner and manager of cheers. She paints the place, including the office, (about time), and has Norm help out. She tries to go out with her bosses and never gets “the corporation” to notice her. There is Evan Drake, and there was that one time where she ends up sharing an office and Carla becomes her boss, but the situation was later resolved by the next guy, someone that looked up to Rebecca, (also because he was very short, about Carla’s height.) and Rebecca wasn’t sure about him. The next guy She finds that is trying to take over “The Corporation”, and so it no longer has control of Cheers, and Sam buys it back and she becomes a manager. Sam really never liked Rebecca’s ideas, like the one where “Cheers Has Chili” and she has a Tea Room. It was a huge success, but Sam blows it up and says, “It-Was-A –Accident!”. She broke the windows in his Corvette. She burns down half of Cheers, and Sam forces her to leave, and her Dad comes and says “You’re going back home!” She locks herself in the office area, and later calls her mom and they both compromise with her Dad to raise her allowance, and he grumbles about never being able to retire. She later marries a plumber…

    There were two known exits. There was an outdoor one, and one that went up to “Melville’s Fine Sea Food”. They try their best at renovating the bar, but it never works, They try to add another exit, they try to add a giant fan to the Pool Room, and try to get more TVs, and discover that they have a Wine Cellar.

    John Allen Hill is the new owner at Melville’s Fine Sea Food, and says that half of Cheers came with the floor plans when he bought it. Sam just bought the bar back, and never really got along with him, and Rebecca, wanting to buy Cheers for herself, ends up buying the half of Cheers from Hill. She also gets The Office Area, since Sam said he was never really good at paperwork. It is very enjoyable to watch the battles with Sam and Hill, and Hill saying “Saaaaaa-aaaaam!”

    Kelly is from a very rich, but messed up family and it takes a while for them to accept Woody. Rebecca later decides to stop chasing rich people, but it takes the whole bar to stop her from running after him. She goes to France, and meets

    An-Re, and he always says “Woooodeeee…I’mgoingtostealyourgirlfriend!” on the last minute on the episode day of their wedding there was a couple that looked identical to Kelly and An-Re patching things up, and there were some people saying that there was a wedding that was interrupted twice, (Which is why Woody said “Will The Bride And Groom Please Turn Around?!” before he said “Stop That Wedding!!” And there was Sam and An-Re, now friends, hitting on some girls and both pretended to speak with French Accents. There was one time where An-Re spoke in a normal accent.

    Kelly and Woody get married, become parents, and Woody runs for City Council.

    Paul is another barfly. Norm recommends that he gets a tab, and then charges a round of drinks on Paul’s New Tab. Rebecca needed somebody to talk to one time and they sent him in, and she said “NOT PAUL!”

    Phil and Al are the two old guys.

    Madame Uzora Is Carla's Fortune Teller.

    The Fire Marshall came for an inspection, but they thought it was a prank from

    Gary, Cheers's Rival Bar. The Fire Marshall later retired and was interrogated by the people of Cheers because they thought he he found one of Robin Culcord's Money Belts.

    Dr. Frasier Krane is a guy that marries

    Dr. Lilleth Sternum. She works with Lab Rats. They both have a son named

    Frederick, who locks Sam out of their house.

    They later start another show called “Frasier” and David Angell, Peter Casey, and David Lee create Wings, which is half Cheers, Half Three’s Company (John Ritter and Amy Yasbeck), and Cliff, Norm, Rebecca, Frasier, and Lileth starred in the show. And Ted Danson stars in Becker.

    This show was on for 11 years, but should have gone on longer. It is one of the many shows that should have gone on for at least one additional season.
  • Great GREAT Show!!! The Absolute Best of ALL Time. MASH & Gunsmoke aren\'t even in the league with Cheers. The only thing that could have made this show better is if Sam would have moved to Utah and married Rebecca and Diane on the last episode.

    Great GREAT Show!!! The Absolute Best of ALL Time. MASH & Gunsmoke aren\'t even in the league with Cheers. The only thing that could have made this show better is if Sam would have moved to Utah and married Rebecca and Diane on the last episode. It could have ended with the three of them in a Super-King Size Bed together... YEAH!!!
  • What?

    Cheers is pathetic, and for the life of me i can't figure out why people thought this was so good. The humor is subtle ,and alot of times i can't even catch where to joke was suppose to be. So many of the stories revolve around Norm on that same old bar stool, but how the heck does he not get drunk on all that beer? Sam is incredibly lame, and Carla is probably the only reason i watch it when i choose to. Carla's brand of humor is the only one i can find funny. The Thanksgiving episode at Carla's house was a better attempt, and the episode i like is where she meets Alex Trebeck, and informs him "she can turn over letters(like Vanna White)he's never seen before! Then gives him a sexy glance as he walks away.

    No cheers to Cheers!

  • Cheeers is the greatest show of all time.

    I cannot say enough about how much I love this show. What a concept! Look at the characters and you'll see why this show was such a hit.

    First off, there is Sam Malone an ex baseball player, who is also an alcholic. Perfect irony, an alcoholic owning a bar.

    Then we have Diane Chambers, who thinks bars are the worst thing in the world, and Sam is repulsive. Yet, she works in a bar, and dates, and almost marries Sam.

    Ernie "Coach" Pantuso and later on Woody Tyberius Boyd are both slow and yet very lovable characters.

    Carla Luzapone Tortelli Lebec a fiesty woman yet you can't help but like her. And if you don't like her you might get hurt. But her loyalty to Sam is great, when she's not insulting him, but give the woman a break...Diane was not the best choice Sam could have made.

    Norm Peterson professional drunk. He never works, is always drinking, yet you like him too. You want him to find that job. But at the same time you're glad he's not working or you'd miss the great Normisms.

    Clifford C. Clavin, mailman and bar know-it-all. Everyone, other than Carla, loves Cliffie. His mom Esther Clavin is great too, but to quote Norm "she's no Donna Reed".

    Frasier Crane psychiatrist who probably loses more patients than he cures.

    Lilith Sternin-Crane the world's whitest, straight faced person. She's a riot, Bebe Neuwirth plays that character perfectly.

    Finally, we have Rebecca Howe, who comes in season 7 after Shelley Long left the series. She's Sam's perfect counterpart. She's obsessed with rich men and getting to the top. She started out as a cold neurotic business woman, and by the end she got the plumber.

    This show is a classic, and I can't say enough about it.

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