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  • Awesome show...ted danson in the role of his life...the embodiment of a chauvinist and macho...That show: A man's must!!!!

    One of the most successful series of the 80's. The show won 6 golden globes for it's outstanding humor. Set in a bar in Boston where ex-red socks pitcher Sam Malone spends his retirement as a bartender/owner serving more or less the same losers and loners every day. His favorite hobby? Women. A must see for everybody. Ageless humor and outstanding acting.
  • Best Comedy Ever

    "Where Everyone Knows Your Name" and you felt like you were at the bar watching and laughing.. Cheers is just a classic show plain and simple. Smart, Funny and Iconic. It has some of the best writing ever on a sitcom. And Everyone Really Knows the names of the characters , Sam, Norm. Cliff, Diane, Carla, Rabecca, Coach, Woody, Fraiser, Lilith... Some of the shows I couldn't eat or drink during because I laughed so hard. The show could be the reason I love bars now. Maybe I am looking for a bar that made me feel the way Cheer's did.
  • Outstanding writing, strong characters, strong direction combine to create one of the best comedies in a place of "where everybody knows your name."

    Cheers was to some extent two shows: with Diane and without Diane. In general, the "with Diane" shows were far superior because of both the character tension between Sam and Diane ("two people who not only should not marry, [they] should never see one another again") and the fact the Shelly Long is a far more accomplished and stable actress than Kirstie Alley whose Rebecca Howe was a poorly defined character in part I suspect because Alley was so unstable (something that became quite apparent after the show went off the air).

    That said, the without-Diane shows were greatly enhanced by the expanded presence of not only Frazier Crane but also (and especially) that of Lilith Sternin Crane, a tour de force for Bebe Neuwerth.

    The writing on the show was consistently outstanding and probably its greatest strength. The acting, with the exception of the very uneven Kirstie Alley, was uniformly solid and Rhea Perlman was particularly strong in making the audience largely look past the fact that her character was almost entirely two-dimensional with little function other than delivering sarcastic punch lines. The directing too was outstanding. Because the other characters (excepting the aforementioned Rebecca Howe) were so well drawn and well acted, the viewer (at least this viewer) felt a sense of watching real people cope with life. The show's lessons (or morals) were subtle and subtly delivered with wonderful positive humor ("put your faith in God, I know I'm going to" spoken by the head nun of the convent as advice to Diane and a comment on eating Diane's "creative" entree). The show was comforting and life affirming, imperfect people accepting other imperfect people. Whatever triumphs or tragedy befell them, there would always be the place "where everybody knows your name."

    Perhaps most touching was the show's genuine fondness for and remembrance of Nicholas Colasanto (Coach). In (at least) two episodes, he is memorialized by name and specific reference (the first show of the season after his death and the memorable Thanksgiving episode) and, in perhaps the most touching coda of any TV series, Sam's last act in the last episode is to straighten the picture of Geronimo that came from Colasanto's house and became a permanent part of the set after his death.

    It is in my all-time top five with Seinfeld, Scrubs, I Love Lucy, and (especially the early years') Cosby.
  • Growing up with the gang at Cheers

    Cheers is a special show for me. I grew up as a teenager watching Cheers. For me, I really didn't like the Cosby Show or Family Ties. I was one of the few who watched Cheers not as a part of NBC's Thursday lineup, but as a fan of Sam, Diane, Norm, Cliff, Coach and eventually Frasier, Woody, and Rebecca.

    I'd even watch midnight Cheers episodes on WPIX while in high school - they were airing in syndication while the show was still on NBC. There's dialogue I'll always remember, and while it suffered in its later years, it ended strongly - and introduced me to my favorite all-time sitcom, Frasier.
  • Classic!

    Cheers is one of the greatest sitcoms of all time. The best part about it is that it is still in re-runs and the show is still as funny and relevant (almost) as it was at the time. Sometimes there are guests or jokes that I don't get cause they are obviously topical from the 1980s when the show first aired but all in all this show is still great today. All of the characters were awesome. The show was still good when characters left it and were replaced because even the replacement characters were good (Rebecca Howe, Woody, etc). Frasier was a spin-off of this and even that was good because even though he was a bit part on Cheers the character was awesome. Cliff, Norm, Carla, etc, all of the characters were great and funny!
  • A classic comedy that provided much needed laughter, and built the foundations for another great comedy of the 90s/00s.

    Sometimes you get influenced by your parents or older relatives on shows that you watch, and Cheers is the case for me. It was something that mainly broadcast when I was too young to appreciate it.

    Set in a sports bar in Boston, Cheers is about people who form unlikely friendships with each other by coming at the end of the day (or the whole day in Norm's case) to Cheers in order to relax. It sets the scene for plenty of comic opportunities, as well as the brilliantly-written characters who you grow very fond of after just a few episodes.

    This is my favourite classic comedy that is a class above the rest in my opinion. It is definitely worth a glance.

    Probably one of the best.

    If only shows were made with the witty humor that Cheers had. The whole cast of Cheers was incredible and you could relate to parts of every character.

    Shows like Cheers and Friends are so good because they are about people and they make you want to be a part of their group. I dont know how many times when i was watching the show that I dreamed of being able to in the the bar and shout NORM!
  • The story is about these friends who go to the bar, and is owned by Sam, who was a former baseball player for the Boston Red Sox.

    This show is one of America's greatest sitcoms of the 1980's and the 1990's. It makes me feel like I want to "Go where everybody knows your name". The show just makes me feel great, and I like the character Diane. She was smart, but I don't see her in a lot of episodes. Even though all the episodes I have seen involved her, I found out that she was only in 123 episodes, while everybody was in a ton of more episodes. Anyways, it is just that sort of show that nakes you feel good, and makes you want to tune in for another episode, even though the shows are just coming in re-runs.
  • One of the all-time best shows!

    The show that delivered laughs every Thursday night for eleven years on NBC remains one of the top tv shows of all-time! Whether it was the Sam/Diane on again/off again relationship, the witty humor by Frasier and Liliath, the hilarious conversations and situations encountered by Cliff and Norm, this show never stopped producing laugh after laugh. Even though it was well before my day, i own seasons 1-5 on dvd and find them all hilarious! The show, regretably got funnier when Woody Harelson replaced the deceased Nicholas Colasanto (r.i.p. Coach). For those who live in caves and have never even heard of television (and normal people who haven't seen the show) you must give this classic sitcom a try. It is without a doubt one of the funniest shows ever, not to mention best overall.
  • Still funny

    I watched every episode as it aired and considered it one of the best sitcoms ever made but now that I watch it sporadically on Nick at Nite I have to say that it is the best of all time. Seinfeld might be a lot of people's choice but Cheers stands up to the test of time. Nearly 20 years after these shows aired and it's still killer funny, even my neices and newphew find this show funny and none of them were alive when it originally aired. Great show, dealt with losing Coach so well that it never marred the show's comedic element. A+ all around
  • A local bar in Boston is owned by former major-league pitcher Sam Malone. When Diane Chambers is jilted on the eve of her honeymoon, and left waiting at Cheers, she reluctantly takes a vacant waitress position. The interplay between the two lead character

    This show was always like comfy pair of pants for me. It felt like the characters really did know my name. It got better and better each season, and the jokes were more frequent and funny from Diane's last season, (5) on. It was interesting that many of the guest stars went on to other NBC must-see shows, like Wings, Night Court, Frasier, etc.
  • My favorite show. Period.

    Very few shows have lasted as long as Cheers did. Even fewer have maintained the high level of quality for that long. Most shows have their ups and downs. One episode here or there usually isn't that great. When I come across that episode I think "Oh. It's that one. What else is on?" I have seen every episode of Cheers and have never seen one that wasn't funny though. I'll admit that some episodes were better than others, but there is something in every one of them that is going to make me laugh. It sucks me in every time. If I'm flipping through channels and come across it, I have to stop even though I've seen them all many times.

    I grew up on this show so my opinion may be a little skewed by nostalgia. In my rankings it is followed closely by MASH and Seinfeld, but Cheers will (most likely) always be #1 for me.
  • Brilliant - a classic

    The show that spawned Frasier. Hard to know which one I like more but its probably Cheers. Woody, Sam, Carla, Cliff and Norm are all supberb characters in their own ways. Woody was a bit of a loveable idiot, Sam a womaniser, Carla had a quick wit so she was always ready to make jokes at the expense of the others and Cliff and Norm are quite a comedy duo. Their conversations at the bar were always entertaining.

    The show rarely left the bar, but really thats what it was all about - without the bar there was nothing.

    I rarely get to see this show, but whenever its on I know I'm not going to miss it!
  • Very funny show about a former baseball player that runs a bar. Lots of strange characters including bar workers and regular customers.

    I'm giving it a nine point five, but for awhile it was a ten. I loved the Sam and Diane romance but hated Frazier, especially when he got his own show. Coach was great. I was very sad when he died. Woody filled in pretty well but it just was not the same. Then came Rebecca. She was Ok, but I never really got into the character. I like Kirstie Alley better now just as a person then I ever did before. Cliff and Norm were classic. It was sad to hear that John Ratzenberger did not really care for the show or his character. It is kind of like when you have a sports hero and then hear that he doesn't even like the sport that he plays.
  • I miss this show so much

    Cheers was by far one of the greatest shows in TV history. for the first season they never even ventured outside of the bar. not many shows can pull off never leaving teh same room. and not many shows can pull off so much great stuff all in one room. The writing was hillarious, the acting superb, and the directing perfect. Coach was by far my favorite character of all time. He was just so innocent and full of life. then he died. and they brought in Woody Harrelson. Woody was good, but it wasn't the same without coach. Coach just had that sort of life that no one else could bring to the show.
  • Possibly the best romantic comedy taking place in a natural, every-day setting. The jokes and situations are those in which will and are always relevant. This show will never be behind the times unless people stop being people.

    Starting with Sam and Diane, the cast created within this sitcom was perfect. The characters each represented a part of American culture and reflected so accurately that everyone not only knew their name, but everyone could determine who represented them. It was like looking into a mirror of your own life when watching this show. Sam, a former alcoholic and semi-sucessful professional baseball pitcher, opens a neighborhood bar and the hilarity enues from the first day on. What is truly remarkable about this series is that while some episodes and seasons were better than others, the producers and writers never let the show truly get dull. They changed character focus, main themes, and kept this sitcom entertaining and arousing despite being in the air twelve seasons. Never did this show let you down for more than two episodes during its entire run. One of the few shows that I truly love, not becauseof its cultural impact, but because it was just downright funny...all the time.
  • Making your way in the world today takes everything you got.

    Wouldn't you like to get away. Sometimes you aught to go were everybody knows your name, and their always glad you came. You wanna be were you can be. You wanna go were everybody knows your name. It is a classic show. There are no shows like it any more. I was basically a very relaxing show.
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  • Cheers is the place where everyone knowns your name, and you will want to visit this bar time after time again.

    Cheers was and still is a classic sitcom. Its a show about the basic things in life, like sitting down chatting with people, and not really carring about the harder things in life. Cheers had a cast of wonderfully likeable charecters, and each episode was filled with laughter and compfort. It's a show that really lets you relax and take time out of your day and just enjoy that half hour of classic television! Cheers for me is a great show to vist time and time again!
  • Good show, where everybody knows your name.

    Cheers is a great classic sitcom, set in a little bar in Boston, the show ran from the early 80's to the early 90's. The show is set around bar owner Sam Malone, the people that work for him, and the bars loyal patrons. The show may not make you laugh out loud like other shows, but the shows writing and character based plots will make you come back for more. The shows success even led to a spin-off about psychiatrist doctor Frasier Crane, one of the bars loyal patrons. If you are looking for a good sitcom, i suggest you give cheers a try.
  • Never Gets Old

    Love This show , I started watching with Rebecca and Woody loved it, and so pleased to discover earlier episodes, with coach and Diane. Cheers just never gets old. I I will be watching reruns forever.
  • Cheers

    This is one of the funniest shows ever!! Woody Boyd is my favorite character!! I think the funniest moment on cheers was when Frasier goes "I am running with scissors!!!!" hahaha yeah this is an awesome show!
  • best comedy ever

    even though i didn't see this show when it was first running, i wasn't even born when it debuted i did cath up with it recently with dvds. i find that show to be smart funny and absolutely no cliché even by todays comdic standard. having seen almost all the episodes i think i can say that it has never jumped the shark even when dianne left. the addition of rebecca was great for the show and i think that was why it last as long as it did. it's tuly the best comedy i have see
  • This is the show that got me hooked on TV. The memories I have of watching new episodes of 'Cheers' every week can never be replaced.

    The cast was out of this world. A favorite debate of mine is whether the 'Diane' years were better than the 'Rebecca' years. To be honest, I could talk about that and have a different answer for hours on end. The writing of this sitcom (and production team), the story lines, the cliffhangers, and especially the cast of this show are, in my opinion, the greatest that were ever assembled. I cannot express how much I miss this show. The series finale I still have on an old VHS tape, complete with the 30 minutes of 'toasting Cheers' hosted by Bob Costas that preceded the airing of the finale, plus the after show appearance on Jay Leno by most of the (then inebriated) cast, which was hysterical. This is the best sitcom to ever air on television.
  • This show is a classic how can you not love it.

    The best years I think were the first few seasons, but I don't think it ever really got bad, just some seasons weren't as good as others. It's not like it was worse than the beginning some of the later seasons were better than the begginning seasons. The whole thing Sam and Dianne got old sometimes, and so did with Rebecca & Sam. There was so many funny things, it's hard to name them, Norm's sayings when he came in . Carla, just her by herself was hilarious. This show was semi-adult humor but even though it was in a bar was something the whole family could watch.
  • The superbly written and acted comedy show, that was class. A group of characters who are all misfits and losers, but who meet in a Boston bar. As the series progress, and the characters develop, the viewer builds a real bond with them all. 100% Class TV

    What can I say about Cheers. A classic comedy that had fantastic writing, great acting, and characters that you could really relate to and like. The writers obviously cared about the characters they develped too. The funny lines were shared out amongst not only the regular cast, but even amongst the occaisional characters. I had liked M.A.S.H and Taxi, but Cheers was just the best, and hasn't been betterd since.

    As a Brit, it's subtle humour, charactor development and the sheer class of the writing, proved to be miles ahead of anything on British TV. Unfortunately, Cheers aired on one of the minor chanels in UK, and thus didn't have the sucess that Friends would have. However, those of us that followed it here, knew that it was a classic show, and it was nice to feel part of the Cheers Bar.
  • I liked Cheers. I have been watching it since it first started in 1982. I liked Rebecca Howe played by Kirstie Alley because she used to make me laugh.

    Sam (Ted Danson), a former pitcher for the Boston Red Sox, owns and runs Cheers, a cozy bar in Boston. Somewhat snobby, beautiful and intelligent Diane (Shelley Long) -- forced to become a waitress when her fiance jilts her -- constantly bickers with Sam. Eventually, they fall in love.
    For years the main characters have remained in the story. Others came and went sometimes for short periods and sometimes for many episodes. They helped to make the story more exciting.

    Some of the main characters were Carla Lozupone Tortelli LeBec, Hilary Norman "Norm" Peterson, Sam "Mayday" Malone, Dr. Lilith Sternin-Crane, Diane Chambers, Rebecca Howe, Ernie "Coach" Pantusso, Clifford C "Cliff" Clavin, Jr, Woodrow Tiberius "Woody" Boyd and Dr Frasier W Crane.

    Each episode is a story on its own but it forms part of the whole story.
  • This was one of the most popular shows ever on television and deservedly so.

    Cheers was I think was one of the most comfortable shows ever. It was one the of the shows you could watch any time. You didn't have to be in any special moods to watch it. It was something you could watch at any time in any company. There was always someone or something in the show that you could relate to. It was okay that the show didn't shock or surprise. It was okay that we knew when Carla was going to crack on Norm or Cliffy. It was okay that we knew exactly how Coach and Woody would confuse and miscontrue things. We still tuned in excitedly and waited anxiously for Norm to walk through the door. We would sigh yet still listen to hear what inane fact Cliff would pull out of his mailbag. The set up from the show would be the blueprint for many comedies that followed for the next 20 years. We still see traces of Cheers in all of the biggest shows of today.
  • I never really didn\\\\\\\'t know about Cheers till it aired in syndication. I am however a huge Frasier fan, so I began to watch Cheers when it re-aired and I actually enjoyed it alot. The series is about a bunch of relationships in a bar. Great show,one

    The show mainly focuses on the life of former baseball relief pitcher Sam \\\\\\\"Mayday\\\\\\\" Malone (Ted Danson). After becoming an alcoholic and quitting the game of baseball, Sam becomes the owner and bartender of a small Boston bar called Cheers. The story of the series takes place like this, an intellectual woman Diane Chambers visits Cheers one day with her fiance and after he runs out on her she is confused about what she will do for the rest of her life. So Sam offers her a job as a waitress in Cheers.

    Now Cheers itself isn\\\\\\\'t a regular bar, there is Rhea Pearlman who plays Carla Tortelli (A street wise waitress with an attitude problem), Norm (the lovable but lazy unemployed beer loving customer), Cliff Clavin (The know-it-all postman) and Coach (the not so bright bartender). In the third season, psychiatrist Frasier Crane (Kelsey Grammar) was brought in as the love interest for Diane, which didn\\\\\\\'t work well because she dumped him. However Frasier got his job as a minor character in the series who suffered severely after being left by Diane.

    Sadly also the Coach dies but is replaced by Woody Harrelson as Woody Boyd (as a not so bright bartender from Indiana). Along with the addition of Bebe Neurwirth) as Frasier\\\\\\\'s bland psychiatrist wife. Which is really when the show began to take off, however Shelley Long who played Diane left the series right toward the mainstream popularity.

    As soon as Shelley left, the new character that brought it in was Kirstie Alley as Rebecca Howe (the new owner of Cheers) after Sam leaves. With Kirstie Alley and the series regulars the show became better then ever. Eventually becoming the #1 series in the country in 1990-91.

    Though the show ran from 1982-1993. Most of the best episodes of the series really took place from 1984-92, because of the additions of Grammer, Neurwirth, Harrelson and Alley.

    Hard to believe a show that was panned by critics soon became one the longest lasting American sitcoms of all time. IT also lead to the birth of Frasier, a spin off of Kelsey Grammar\\\\\\\'s character. Great series, amazing cast and great acting. One of the best American sitcoms of all time and in my opinion the best show of the 1980\\\\\\\'s.
  • A sitcom featuring a band of misfits who band together in a Boston bar.

    A well-written comedy that has as interesting a cast of characters as you will ever find. Consistently funny...I still laugh at episodes I\'ve seen at least ten times over the years. In my opinion, the greatest sitcom of all-time. Worth buying the DVDs for sure...I plan on buying the whole series.
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