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  • The superbly written and acted comedy show, that was class. A group of characters who are all misfits and losers, but who meet in a Boston bar. As the series progress, and the characters develop, the viewer builds a real bond with them all. 100% Class TV

    What can I say about Cheers. A classic comedy that had fantastic writing, great acting, and characters that you could really relate to and like. The writers obviously cared about the characters they develped too. The funny lines were shared out amongst not only the regular cast, but even amongst the occaisional characters. I had liked M.A.S.H and Taxi, but Cheers was just the best, and hasn't been betterd since.

    As a Brit, it's subtle humour, charactor development and the sheer class of the writing, proved to be miles ahead of anything on British TV. Unfortunately, Cheers aired on one of the minor chanels in UK, and thus didn't have the sucess that Friends would have. However, those of us that followed it here, knew that it was a classic show, and it was nice to feel part of the Cheers Bar.