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  • You wanaa go where everybody knosw your name. ----I know I sure do.

    I never really saw the show when it originally aired, only seeing it in syndication after it ended. Doesn\'t mean I never wanted to watch it.

    Cheers is one of the great gems of comedy created in the last 20 years. The characters brought to life by wonderfull actors and a set that makes you think they\'re really in the bar Cheers, Cheers has many aspects to it that are great attributes to have for any TV show.

    I loved the comical interaction between the characters---Carla\'s sarcasm towards the customesr-the permanent fixtures and the newbies alike---was beyond hilarious, the tensions between Sam and both women he had major involvements over the years kept a lot of interest, and who could not love Cliff and Norm?

    One episode that has never left my memory that still holds trues as the best of the series was a particular Halloween one they did, which involved the various pranks practiced between Cheers and a rival bar at the time. y favorite moment was the holographic image of a head floating above the bar at the Cheers establishment. It was beyond hilarious.

    A phrase known well from the show that I have come to say on many occasions----
    \"You wanna go where everybody knows your name.\"

    Nothing is more true then that.
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