Season 1 Episode 4

Sam at Eleven

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 21, 1982 on NBC

Episode Recap

Sam's old teammate, Dave Richards, now a sportscaster, has come to Cheers to interview Sam. The crowd at Cheers is wildly in favor of the interview, but Diane alone is reticent. She fears that old-timers often are better off disappearing, rather than compromising the glory they held in their prime.

The interview begins - with the background of a dozen or so extras brought in by the station to make Cheers appear more active than it is. The interview progresses, and Sam begins an account of his greatest moment, when he saved both ends of a double header against the Orioles on a total of seven pitches. The interview ends abruptly, when a station hand interrupts with news that John McEnroe was available after all. It was earlier revealed that Sam was not Reynolds' first choice for the interview, and not even in the top 10.

Diane, who criticized the interview to begin with, now stepped forward in consolation. Though obviously ignorant of baseball technique, she several times urges Sam to finish the story privately as she listens. Then, inexplicably, Sam kisses Diane, and Diane versed in self defense, throws Sam over the pool table. They recount the attempted kiss, with Sam denying that he had ever before considered it.

In a sub-plot, Harry the Hat is introduced as a scam artist, unwelcome in Cheers. He cons Coach out of $20, in a false change routine, and he cons Norm out of $10, by tricking Norm into switching sides in a bet.