Season 9 Episode 18

Sam Time Next Year

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 14, 1991 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • It is mentioned Sam never missed a Valentine's Day with Lauren but he was in a serious relationship with Diane on Valentine's Day and was also married before Diane so there is no chance Sam could have gone all 20 years without missing 1 year!

  • Quotes

    • Lauren: Sam look. It's getting light out. We've been talking all night.
      Sam: How about that? Wow, that's a first. It's kinda nice to know that we have something in common besides our bodies.
      Lauren: Yeah we have the deterioration of our bodies.

    • Carla: Guess who called to wish you a happy Valentine's Day?
      Rebecca: Who?
      Carla: Nobody.

    • Frasier: Boy those patients of mine are really hopeless.
      Norm: Well bring them out here. This is the hopeless room.

    • Carla: Man those stairs are slippery. Woody, I think we could use a little salt out there.
      Norm: These pretzels could use a little salt too. My blood pressure is actually dipping.

    • Lilith: Ah Frasier, here you are. Where are the dysfunctional men?
      Carla: Throw a rock.

    • Rebecca: Well I still say it's a stupid way to spend Valentine's Day.
      Sam: That's cause you don't have a date.
      Rebecca: Oh yeah. I happen to have a date with two very sweet gentlemen, Ben and Jerry.

    • Norm: This is not some stupid date, Rebecca. For the last 20 years Sammy and Lauren have met for one night each year. It's kinda like Sammy's version of commitment. Actually it's a lot like my version of commitment.

    • Sam: Woody, could you do me a favor and help me up the steps, into your car, and drive me to Vermont?
      Woody: What's in it for me?
      Sam: You can use your new gas card!
      Woody: Great, I'll feel so grown up!

    • Frasier: Sam, I advise you to stay in bed.
      Sam: Well, that's part of the plan.

    • (Frasier is frustrated at his "fear of women" therapy group)
      Woody: I don't know, Dr. Crane. Haven't you ever thought that it's kind of tough on them - doing all that counseling stuff? I mean I was raised to believe that if you have a problem, you lock it away in a secret place. You keep it bottled up good and tight. And if it gets full in there, you just keep forcing the pain down and clamping it in.
      Frasier: Good advice, Woody. (to Norm) Tick... tick... tick.

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