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Season 4 Episode 17

Second Time Around

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 06, 1986 on NBC
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Episode Summary

Frasier has been out on a date with a fellow psychiatrist, Dr Lilith Sternin, but things didn't go too well. Frasier feels depressed, so feeling sorry for him, Sam arranges a date between Frasier and a woman he knows named Candy. But Sam and Diane get a surprise when Frasier proposes to Candy after just one date.moreless

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  • Frasier has been out on a date with a fellow psychiatrist, Dr Lilith Sternin, but things didn't go too well. Frasier feels depressed, so feeling sorry for him, Sam arranges a date between Frasier and a woman he knows named Candy.moreless

    i'm a big fan of kelsey grammer and i belive that this episode was his big break out from just being a side character. If you watch season 3 and most of 4 you will notice that up and untill this episode the character of friaser didn't relly have any big story lines about himself. Now you could say that the episode titled The Heart of a Lonely Snipehunter was a fraiser episode but to me this was this relly frist episode where i thought Kelsey Grammer became more part of the cheers cast. Also we get to finly meet dr lilith sternin for the frist time and it's amazing to me to think that she was only sopose to be a one time thing. Anyway i love this episode and i'm glad to see that this is also's kelsey' fav episode as well.moreless
  • A wonderful example of ensemble comedy.

    Cheers is a great case study for anyone looking to track the life of a good comedy series. At the end of season 3, it started to get a bit predictable, with Sam and Diane having most of each storyline, and once in a while, some good side jokes from the bar regulars. In retrospect, (read reruns), it seems the producers sensed this, and made changes to improve the show. They brought in additional characters (Frasier, Lillith, Eddie, Kelly, Robin, etc.), and they added some really funny recurring threads, (Gary\'s Olde Town Tavern, Carla\'s kids, Eddie\'s Ice Shows, etc.).

    I am not privy to the behind-the-scenes politics, and I certainly don\'t know how much effort was placed on the revamping of this valuable and popular show, but remember it was MUST-SEE-TV, Thursday nights. This episode is one of the funniest episodes of all, and shows the writers at their best. The one-liners come fast and furious, and everyone in the bar (cast) has some good ones. Add Jennifer Tilly, who is one of the best and sexiest comedic actresses ever, and we have a classic episode. In fact, in my humble opinion, only Home Is The Sailor tops it. Everyone is having a good time laughing, and everyone is relevant to the storyline.moreless
Rhea Perlman

Rhea Perlman

Carla Lozupone Tortelli LeBec

George Wendt

George Wendt

Hilary Norman "Norm" Peterson

Ted Danson

Ted Danson

Sam "Mayday" Malone

Bebe Neuwirth

Bebe Neuwirth

Dr. Lilith Sternin-Crane

Shelley Long

Shelley Long

Diane Chambers

John Ratzenberger

John Ratzenberger

Clifford C "Cliff" Clavin, Jr

Jennifer Tilly

Jennifer Tilly

Candi Pearson

Guest Star

Lou Fant

Lou Fant

Justice of the Peace

Guest Star

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    • Justice of the peace: Marriage is a sacred union not to be entered into lightly. If there's any person present who knows a reason why this couple should not be united. Speak now of forever hold your peace.
      Diane: I do.
      Frasier: Right phrase. Wrong wedding.

    • Frasier: No, we're not married and we won't be for a long time. Candi: An hour. Frasier: Yeah, we're gonna tie the knot right here today where we met just 16 hours ago. That is if it's all right with you, Sam. Sam: Yeah. Diane: 16 hours isn't much time, Frasier. Frasier: Well it depends on how you spend those 16 hours.

    • Cliff: (to Frasier) You're lucky, Doc. Sammy has never bothered to set me up with one of his bevy of babes. Not that I need help.
      Norm: No, just mercy.

    • Frasier: Sam, I'm getting a little low and I'm also running out of beer.

    • Frasier: Sam, do you mind if I use your office for a moment?
      Sam: Sure, sure. How come?
      Frasier: I'm going to weep.

    • Lilith: I kiss only as a prelude to passion.

    • Lilith: That's the hospital. I'm on call. With any luck it will be one of my manic depressives and the evening will take an up turn.

    • Candi: What's your name?
      Frasier: Oh, uh... Dr. Frasier Crane.
      Candi: I'm Candi.
      Frasier: Ah, yes, so I see from your necklace. Candi with an "I".
      Candi: Well, I used to spell it with a "Y" but nobody ever took me seriously, so then I switched it to an "I". You know, like Gandhi.
      Frasier: Yes, yes. I understand that's why he did it.

    • Frasier: Everyone, I'd like you to meet my date, Dr. Lilith Sternin: MD, PhD, EDD, APA.
      Woody: Boy, it sure isn't spelled like it sounds.

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