Season 7 Episode 9

Send in the Crane

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 05, 1989 on NBC



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    • Sam: I'm sittin' at a table in this restaurant with Judy and Laurie. The mother reaches over and grabs my knees and says "Sam, I want you." Then I feel the daughter reach over and grabs the other knee and she says "I want you too, Sammy."
      Norm: Well yeah yeah.
      Sam: Then I woke up. You know what this dream means don't ya.
      Norm: It means you even dream better than we do.

    • Rebecca: Show them your funny feet.
      Frasier: I can't I've got these big shoes on.

    • Frasier: Oh gee Woody. I haven't had time to rehearse. I don't know anything about being a clown. You got any last minute advice for me.
      Woody: Just be yourself.

    • Norm: You okay, bud?
      Frasier: I'm a little concerned here, Norm. My fingers are tingling. My hand's are numb. My feet are cold. Either Ii'm having a heart attack or this French underwear Lilith gave me is too tight. (stands up) Call off the ambulance.

    • Sam: Sweetheart, I've handled trickier situations than this before. Remember the time I dated those lovely Henshaw triplets all at the same time.
      Carla: Sammy first of all that was back when you were drinking like a fish and second of all that was one chick.

    • Sam: I'm about due for a break, aren't I, Rebecca?
      Rebecca: Hell yes, you've been back at work for almost five minutes.

    • Cliff: Looks like Sammy's headed for trouble.
      Norm: Yeah, looks like kind of a fun trip doesn't it.

    • Carla: (to Rebecca) Get up on the wrong side of the web.

    • Sam: Wait a minute, how come you guys remember my love life better than I do?
      Norm: Well I think it meant more to us, Sammy.

    • Lilith: Frasier, where the hell have you been? You were supposed to pick me up at the airport.
      Frasier: Well um, I didn't do a very good job of it, did I? Well welcome home dear. Where have you been?
      Lilith: Paris. Perhaps you remember we liberated it during the war.

    • Frasier: I really envy you, laughter can be a healing art. Sometimes a clown can do better than a psychiatrist
      Carla: And you can fit more of them into a little car

    • Norm: Think about it Sam, a mother and her daughter! This was gonna be something I could tell my grandchildren!

    • Laurie: I know you two have a lot of catching up to do, so i'll see you later...
      Sam: Wait! Where are you going? Why's my voice so high?

    • Rebecca: Binky, do your act.
      Frasier: I don't have an act. I'm a psychiatrist!

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  • Allusions

    • Kelsey Grammer would later go on to dress as a clown again in the Season 11 episode of Frasier named 'Boo!'.

    • Title of Episode: "Send in the Crane"
      Fraiser dresses up as a clown in this episode. Stephen Sondheim wrote a song for "A Little Night Music" called "Send in the Clowns". "Send in the Cranes" comes from that song since Frasier's last name is Crane.