Season 1 Episode 21

Showdown (1)

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 24, 1983 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • goof: During the Sam and Carla discussion when Derek is in the other room with all the patrons, the positioning of the beer bottles on the tray on the bar changes between shots.

  • Quotes

    • Carla: Hey Sam, you ever thought for a minute and me?
      Sam: (hesitates) You're too much woman for me, Carla.
      Carla: (smiles) You're a wise man, Sam.

    • Sam: "Hard to get" for me used to mean sitting through dinner.

    • Sam: Quiet, empty, dimly lit...
      Diane: Ah, much like your mind.

    • Coach: Sam, a nuclear bomb just hit Boston.
      Sam and Diane: (in unison) Derek's here.
      Coach: You're catching on.

    • Carla: Hey Sam, you want me to hang around until your date gets here.
      Sam: No, you probably want to get on home.
      Carla: Are you kiddin'? It's two am, my kids might be there.

    • Sam: Listen I think you and Derek will make a great match.
      Diane: Really?
      Sam: Yeah, you both think you're perfect and none of you is right.

    • Carla: If it's any consolation Sam I know how you feel. I got a sister who's got me beat in every way. She's five foot two. Her husband never has a drink until noon. And she's a beautician. I mean how do you compete with that?

    • Sam: Maybe you ought to step in here for a minute and let me show you something I've triumphed over.
      Diane: Don't tell me you finally mastered the stapler.

    • [Diane can be heard laughing.]
      Sam: Is that Diane laughing? I thought they were killing chickens.

    • Sam: Whatever you and my brother wanna do is fine with me. I don't care.
      Diane: I'd rather stay with you.

    • Diane: Derek just wants to fly me out to Martha's Vineyard.
      Sam: [bitter] In a plane or on his back?

    • Diane (about Derek): Oh Sam, he's not that great. The man call tell an intersting story, he's met a few interesting people but he's just a man, like any other man you meet in Greek mythology.

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