Season 1 Episode 23

Showdown (2)

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 31, 1983 on NBC



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    • Carla: (about Diane's leaving) I've had warts go away faster.

    • Diane: Nobody is swept away when they have the presence of mind to say maybe we should kiss.

    • Diane: Silence is overrated anyway.

    • Coach: How ya doin', Norm?
      Norm: Coach, I'm on top of the world and it's a dismal spot in Greenland somewhere.

    • [After the fade to black.]
      Sam: Now I'm going to nibble on your ear.
      Diane: [annoyed] Don't TELL me you're going to nibble on my ear!

    • Sam: Do you know what it feels like to be attracted to someone who makes you SICK!!!
      Diane: I could write a book on the subject.

    • Sam: You are the nuttiest, the stupidest, the phoniest fruitcake I ever met!
      Diane:You, Sam Malone are the most arrogant self centered son-of-a...
      Sam: Shut up! Shut your fat mouth!
      Diane: Make me!
      Sam: Make you?... My God I'm, I'm gonna, I'm gonna bounce you off every wall in this office!
      Diane: Try it and you'll be walking funny tomorrow... or should I say funnier?
      Sam: You know, you know I always wanted to pop you one! Maybe this is my lucky day, huh?
      Diane: You disgust me! I hate you!
      Sam: Are you as turned on as I am?
      Diane: More!
      [They kiss!]

  • Notes

    • TV Guide citation: In the March 26, 1983 issue of TV Guide, there is a one page article with a photo of Ted Danson and Rhea Perlman taking tap dancing lessons.

      OFF THE SET (Perlman and Danson Get Their Kicks From Dancin'

      Ask what "tap" refers to on the set of the NBC comedy Cheers and you'll get two answers: one, as in the beer served in the Boston bar that's the series setting; two, as in dancing. That's because on their Thursday lunch hour Ted Danson, who plays proprietor Sam Malone, and Rhea Perlman (waitress Carla Tortelli) study tap dancing with choreographer Tad Tadlock. How good are Tadlock's two star pupils? Perlman, who took a hiatus from dancing during the last weeks of her pregnancy, answers, "You know Alfalfa, from the Little Rascals? Well, if Alfalfa tap-danced, that would be me." Nonsense, says Tadlock: "Rhea's doing steps now that normally take five to six years to learn. It was funny, though, seeing her when she was pregnant, trying for the dancer's body 'line'." Tadlock terms Danson a real hoofer. "If I do a pose," she says, "he can hit it immediately." Danson notes, "The energy, the constant beat of dancing, carry over into my acting." And, apparently, beyond. "Once," recalls Tadlock, "I was driving down Ventura Boulevard. And there was Ted on the sidewalk, oblivious to the world - making like Astaire."

    • NBC rebroadcast this episode on September 22, 1983.

    • "Cheers is filmed before a live studio audience" is announced by John Ratzenberger.

      "Last week on Cheers" is announced by Rhea Perlman.

    • This was originally gonna be the last episode of the series, because NBC wanted to cancel the show due to low ratings, but at the end of this first season the ratings started to pick up a little so NBC decided to give the show a chance and after that the show went on for ten more seasons

    • Diane reveals later in the 4th season that she HATED having her ear nibbled - claiming Sam made sounds like a chipmunk.

    • During the end with Sam and Diane's showdown, if you look closely to the edge of the set, the shadow of a camera can clearly be seen moving away.

    • This is the episode where Sam & Diane kiss for the first time.

    • The teaser scene in this episode, where a guy talks to Sam about his job at a DNA lab is also seen in Coach's Daughter. The plot and dialogue is almost the same, but a few different angles and clothes are used.

    • James Burrows won an Emmy this episode.

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