Season 2 Episode 5

Sumner's Return

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 03, 1983 on NBC

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  • Sumner, the man responsible for bringing (and abandoning) Diane Chambers at Cheers is back and has a plan to win back her heart, but he didn't count on Sam being there...

    When Sumner Sloane strolls into the bar, Carla immediately recognises the man. Diane's ex-fiancee and naturally gives him an earful. When Sam and Diane enter the bar, loved up and having a water fight when Coach informs Diane that someone is here to see her. When Sumner walks in from the bathroom, Diane screams at the shock of him, but agrees to talk to him. Eventually Sumner has manipulated Diane into going to dinner but foolishly she says she is single and Sam finds out, and gets angry naturally. He calls her a snob and Diane apologises and calls Sumner. The barflies tell Sam that he should read War and peace to appear more intelligent so he does. When dinner comes, Sumner tells Diane that Barbara (the woman he left her for) is ill so not there but they still go to dinner. Sam wants to talk about Tolstoy but the others say its overanalysed and don't want to so he ends up feeling stupid. Diane and Sumner still feel some chemistry between them and Sam says that Sumner wants Diane back so she should do him a favour and leave. He also makes a comment about reading War and peace. Sumner finally admits that he and Barbara had split up and he wanted Diane back. The camera then cuts to Sam's offers with Diane entering and saying that Sumner had gone and that him reading war and peace for her was so romantic. This episode is really good because it tests the strenght of Sam and Diane's relationship, shows that Sam would do anything for Diane, shows how Diane has developed since the pilot and is just generally very funny.

    The best bit comes at the end where Diane says:

    I let a coin decide. heads i walk in here to you, tails I ran in here to you

    Just a great episode generally