Season 10 Episode 21

Take Me Out of the Ball Game

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 26, 1992 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Just because he's the same size doesn't mean he wouldn't have gotten thinner, then got fat again. Besides, he wouldn't have been allowed in a bar in high school. *Although*, in another episode he gives a kid in his seat money to go someplace and says he wishes someone had done that for him when he was 12, so another explanation could be he started coming at 12 when he was skinny and got fat in high school.

    • Norm declares that he's the same size he was in high school, however in the previous episode Sam says at the beginning of Norm's bar tab he was known as "Skinny Guy at the end of the bar".

  • Quotes

    • Carla: I think you're gonna be surprised, 'cause Sam's gonna make this team. Right guys?
      Norm: Right, of course, he's Mayday Malone.
      Cliff: Yeah, but hold on there, Norm, what if he doesn't? Have you thought about that? A thing like that can really hit a guy hard. He'll probably storm back in here, go in the office, lock himself in, and maybe start taking inventory of his life. Peruse over the setbacks, the humiliations, the wrong turns, and all the while fashioning his belt into a makeshift noose. I mean we've all done it a hundred times.
      Frasier: You okay, Cliff?
      Cliff: What are you asking me for, Sam's the one with the problem.

    • Sam: You know Carla you've always supported me and my decisions. Well, except for dating Diane. And selling the bar…..and hiring Rebecca. And wanting to have a baby with her. (short pause) What kind of friend are you anyway?

    • Sam: Who's taking care of the bar?
      Carla: Rebecca.
      Sam: Oh my God.
      Carla: Aw, I'm just kidding, no one.
      Sam: Oh, you scared me there for a second.

    • Woody: You know Dr. Crane, once back in Hanover I wanted to catch some rats and I started to play a flute and a bunch of them followed me out of town...and some children too. Oh wait, was that a movie? No, it happened.

    • Woody: Oh, Dr. Crane, before you go, can I see him (Whiskers the lab rat) first? I love rats. We used to have a bunch of them back on the farm in Hanover: kept the barn free of cats.

    • Rebecca: I'm telling you guys, he's setting himself up to be disappointed. He's gonna walk in here like a big loser.
      Carla: What makes you think Sam's as big a loser as you are?
      Rebecca: Excuse me Carla, but I did not say he was as big a loser as I was.

    • Sam: Who am I kidding; I hate this. I mean they throw pillows, they snap their towels, and that's not funny, that's just dangerous.

    • Sam: I'll catch up with you clowns [his teammates] later.
      Carla: They seem like a fun bunch, huh Sam.
      Sam: Oh, they're the best. That's baseball, that's what it's all about...and God I hate it so much. Get me out of here, Carla, please.

    • Woody: Well Ms. Howe, you know with Sam on the road playing pro ball, I guess it's between you and me as to who gets to run the bar. Of course, the only experience I have is that I've been the assistant bartender here for six years.
      Rebecca: Well, I will let my record speak for itself.
      Woody: Yes!

  • Notes

    • Coach is also mentioned as Sam remembers him whilst talking with Carla at the baseball stadium. Coach is the "one thing missing".

    • Diane is mentioned as one of the decisions Carla does not support Sam about

  • Allusions

    • Woody: "I started to play a flute and a bunch of them (rats) followed me out of town"
      A reference to the fairy tale "The Pied Piper of Hamelin."

    • :: Take Me Out Of The Ball Game
      The title is a play on the classic baseball song "Take Me Out To The Ball Game," written in 1908 by Jack Norworth. The actual lyrics recognized by most people are actually just the song's chorus.