Season 1 Episode 16

The Boys in the Bar

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 27, 1983 on NBC



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    • Sam: What do you think I should say to them?
      Diane: Oh well, it's very very simple. Just walk up and say hello we're a group of sniveling bigots and we don't care for your kind.
      Cliff: That's good.

    • Carla: I'm not exactly crazy about them. I mean I get enough competition from women. I'm tell you if guys keep coming out of the closet there isn't going to be anybody left to date and I'm going to have to start going out with girls. (looks at Diane) Ewww.
      Diane: Carla, you don't have to worry about me. I like my dates a little more masculine than you. Not much but a little.

    • Sam: Bars don't turn gay over night.

    • Sam: I think this human being image is going to get me more action than cheap wine.

    • Sam: I make 'em the way you like 'em, on the house.

    • Sam (about Tom): I remember siting in a piano bar with him and he requested a show tune.

    • Diane (to Sam about Tom): He should have known that you'd be spending the evening with a woman who thinks Candide is a toenail polish.

    • Sam: I was supposed to read it last night but an emergency came up.
      Diane: Uh huh and what was her name?
      Sam: Sherry, but that's not the point.

    • Diane: What the hell is going on here?
      Cliff: It's a book promotion party.
      Diane: How can it be in a place where no one can read?

    • Diane: This afternoon I spent five hours in a sensory deprivation tank.
      Carla: Your room.

    • Carla: Here's my number and a couple of quotes from past lovers.

    • Norm: You know what kind of bar this is going to turn into.
      Sam: It's not going to turn into the kinda bar that I have to throw people out of!!!
      Diane: That's the noblest preposition you've ever dangled.

  • Notes

    • On January 24, 1983, NBC broadcast a program called 'TV Guide: 1982 - The Year in Television.' It was cohosted by Michael Landon and Bryant Gumbel. Cheers was one of the series that had clips shown during the special. It is another example of NBC promoting this program during the first year which had dismal ratings.

    • "Cheers is filmed before a live studio audience" is announced by George Wendt.

    • NBC rebroadcast this episode on July 28, 1983 and January 17, 1985.

    • Won a Media Award from GLAAD (Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation).

    • Writers/co-producers Ken Levine & David Isaacs earned a 1983 Emmy nomination for Best Writing in a Comedy Series for their script. Levine & Isaacs would leave "Cheers" in 1983 (for "AfterMASH," then "Mary") but serve as periodic creative consultants and frequent contributors throughout "Cheers'" eleven-year run.

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