Season 5 Episode 22

The Godfather, Part III

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 19, 1987 on NBC



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    • Sam: There's somebody I want you to meet here. (introducing Joyce) Joyce, Woody.
      Joyce: (shaking hands) Hi.
      Woody: Wow, what a coincidence, my first name is Woody.

    • Diane: Oh Sam, it's never too early to start thinking of name for our children.
      Sam: It is if you're thinking about the name Emil.
      Diane: What's wrong with Emil?
      Sam: A meal is something you eat. It's not something you name your kid. Why don't you just name him Socrates after me?

    • Sam: I'm going to forbid somebody something. Norm, I forbid you to leave that stool.
      Norm: Sorry Sam, nature calls.
      Sam: You go and you're cut off.
      Norm: Whatever you say Pop.

    • Sam: The point is you've got to get to know each other better if you're going to take a big step like this. You gotta get past this early infatuation and get to the point where you're sick and tired of each other then you're ready for marriage.

    • Sam: Look at Diane and me, we waited five years to get married. If it were up to me we'd wait another five.

    • Sam: What kind of ice cream did you get?
      Woody: Tutti Frutti.
      Sam: Did you hear that? Yeah you better be careful because that can lead to the hard stuff-double chocolate.

    • Sam: (to the guy who tries to pick up Joyce) Hey buddy, this is a bar. If you want to make polite conversation you take it outside.

    • Woody: Sam, the beer distributor is on the phone.
      Sam: tell him I'll call back.
      Norm: Sammy hey hey. Where are your priorities?

    • Sam: (about Joyce) Wow a Pantusso attending college. A Pantusso pronouncing college.

    • Cliff: Eh Doc, I didn't know you were a fellow linkster. So, some day when you feel you're good enough I'll take you down to my private Country Club for a little mono a mono. Heh Normy, remember I took you down?
      Norm: Had a great time, we got three holes in one and a birdie at the windmill.

    • Joyce: Are you a Doctor?
      Carla: No he's a floon?.
      Joyce: Who is that?
      Cliff: Nobody knows.

    • Carla: I have dibs on cutting off her hair when she goes to sleep.
      Diane: Yeah, and if we can get our hands on a laser we'll try cutting Carla's!

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    • Title: The Godfather Part III
      When this episode was written, there were only 2 Godfather films, so they called this episode The Godfather Part III. Of course in 1990 the film "The Godfather Part III" came out(which earned a Best Picture Oscar nomination.)