Season 8 Episode 2

The Improbable Dream (2)

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Sep 28, 1989 on NBC



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    • Sam is throwing darts
      Carla: Sammy, what's the matter with you? You almost hit Cliff.
      Sam: I'm sorry.
      Carla: Yeah, if you just put a little topspin on it you'd have him.

    • Frasier: Perhaps your dreams are trying to tell you about something too frightening for your waking ming.
      Sam: Like what?
      Frasier: Like you care. You care about Rebecca.
      Sam: Oh come on, Frasier. You know me. How can I care about her? We haven't done the main that I care about.
      Frasier: Forgive me, Sam. I forgot about your high moral standards.
      Lilith: You mean to say, you can't care about a woman unless you sleep with her first?
      Sam: Well yeah.

    • Carla: Sammy, that's a premonition dream. That means it's really gonna happen.
      Frasier: Oh Carla, that's an old wives tale.
      Carla: I'm an old wife.

    • Sam: (about women) How many do you have to score with before you understand just one?

    • Woody: You look great Miss Howe.
      Rebecca: I should. I spent all yesterday have a complete makeover. Feel. It's the skin of the rich.
      Woody: (after feeling Rebecca's cheek) Wow it makes a baby's butt feel like sandpaper.

    • Sam: (about Rebecca) It doesn't seem fair, does it? I spent three years loosening the cap on that peanut butter jar and right now she's stickin' to the roof of somebody else's mouth.

    • Sam: Fellas fellas here we go. Now remember nobody opens this door even if you hear screaming. Especially if you hear screaming.

    • Sam: Believe it or not some people care about their appearance.
      Norm: I could take that as an insult if I cared about my appearance.

    • Lilith: You don't mean to tell me that in the myriad of times that Carla's been pregnant, you've never felt her babies move?
      Carla: Hey no guy touches my belly unless he's paying for dinner.

    • Carla: Men aren't pigs. Pigs are smarter.

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