Season 6 Episode 7

The Last Angry Mailman

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Nov 12, 1987 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • Beer bottles in motion-
      Watch the location of the three beer bottles on the TV tray next to Cliff in the last scene. They move magically from the tray to the floor and back again - TWICE!

  • Quotes

    • Esther: I hope [Cliff] doesn't try anything crazy. The last thing on earth I want to see is my son's face on the 11 o'clock news.
      Carla: There's a whole city out there who agrees with ya.

    • Sam: (to Rebecca) Oh if it isn't the ultimate driving machine.

    • Cliff: Ma, you can't do this. A Clavin cannot be bought off.
      Esther: I'm only a Clavin by marriage, Clifford.

    • Esther: Oh look there's your favorite hiding place in the closet. You used to be in there for hours.
      Cliff: It's cause you always locked the door on me, Ma.
      Esther: Well look at the result. You're a very polite young man.

    • Sam: I was wondering what it would be like to go to college.
      Rebecca: Well picture a place with 20,000 people all acting the way you do.

    • Jim: No interest in keeping our neighborhood beautiful.
      Cliff: You want to beautify the neighborhood, why don't you stay indoors?
      Jim: Yeah. At least I don't live with my mother.
      Cliff: I don't blame you. I've seen your mother.
      Jim: Yeah. My mother's a saint.
      Cliff: Yeah a Saint Bernard.

    • Sam: How you been there, Frasier?
      Frasier: You know how it is for a psychiatrist this day in age. Divorces. Hopelessness over financial situations. Rapid paranoia. Thriving, never better.

    • (Norm is trying to figure out the sex of Carla's babies)
      Norm: We have a boy. Maybe it's a girl.
      Cliff: Still trying to figure out what Carla is, huh?

    • (When reacting to the news of Rebecca's college nickname, Backseat Becky)
      Woody: Boy, what do you suppose that means?
      Cliff: Woody. What that means is when Miss . . .
      Carla: Cliff, Cliff. Won't you let someone who's been there tell it!

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