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  • Season 11 Episode 27: One for the Road

  • This is Shelley Long's first appearance in character as Diane Chambers since May 7, 1987 when she left to write her book. Shelley appeared in the 200th episode celebration, but not in character.

  • The uncredited man who knocks on the door and to whom Sam delivers the classic last line "Sorry, we're closed." is James Burrows, one of the show's creators.

  • Just before Diane walks into the bar for the first time, Woody is seen in the background toward the area Steve and Alan sit with Sam and Carla in the forground. The next shot, when Diane walks in and no one notices her, Woody is up front standing very still dirictly behind Sam. When Diane says "Hello everyone", Woody is immediately back to where he was when the scene started.

  • When the gang is watching the awards, the shot of them watching the TV from above is a little too high: a catwalk can be seen above the set, along with stage lights, and a microphone.

  • Season 11 Episode 22: It's Lonely on the Top

  • When Carla couldn't remember with whom she had slept and was trying to figure out the identity of her mystery lover, why didn't she even consider John Allen Hill since she was apparently still having an affair with him as of 2 episodes prior?

  • Season 11 Episode 21: Woody Gets an Election

  • Kelly announces that she and Woody are about to become parents. The birth would later be announced on Frasier.

  • Season 11 Episode 20: Look Before You Sleep

  • In the cold opening, Norm tells Sam that it's his 15th wedding anniversary to Vera. However, just two episodes prior to this one, "The Last Picture Show," the previous owner Gus returns after he sold the bar to Sam 17 years ago and recounts how a newlywed Norm and his bride Vera used to come into Cheers all the time, indicating that Norm's been married to Vera longer than 15 years.

  • Response: He probably walked to ever one's house (which would explain why he was so tired)

  • Since Sam locked his keys, wallet, and money inside the bar, how is he able to travel all over town to his friends houses?

  • When Cliff's condo was first introduced in the season 6 episode "Woody for Hire and Norman of the Apes," the condo was basically a small studio apartment with a separate bathroom. In fact, Cliff gave his friends the tour and said he slept in the living room. They also showed the apartment wall when a chimpanzee paints it and there is no door there. However, in this episode, there is separate door on that same wall that apparently leads to a bedroom for Ma Clavin (who was not living with Cliff when he first moved in).

  • Why didn't Sam ever go to Woody's house? This is odd since the last mention of Woody's residence was that Woody was living with Kelly in the Gaines guesthouse while they awaited a purchase of a new home. Why wouldn't Sam want to stay with them since it would probably be the most comfortable? What's even odd is that Sam didn't even mention going to Woody's (even though Woody had appeared earlier in the episode).

  • Season 11 Episode 18: The Last Picture Show

  • In the first season episode "Sam's Women",Gus, the previous owner of Cheers, is presumed dead. Perhaps a continuity error?

  • Pat Hingle guest stars here as "Gus O'Malley," visiting from Arizona. In 1977, Hingle portrayed an Arizona police officer in the movie "The Gauntlet," which co-starred Sondra Locke as a character named "Gus Mally."

  • In "Truce or Consequences", Norm said it was his 10th anniversary, which would have made them married since 1972. this supports the previous comment about the goof in this episode.

  • In a recent episode Norm said he and Vera had been married for 15 years (1978). In this episode Gus said, when he still owned the bar, he remembered them as newlyweds and described them dancing and happy. Sam said he bought the bar from Gus 17 years ago (1976). This would make Norm and Vera married at least 17+ years.

  • In an earlier episode..A guy comes in looking for Gus, the former owner of Cheers. Coach told him that Gus died. But Gus is alive in this episode.

  • Possible explanation: the Gus mentioned in the earlier episode ("Sam's Women") was two owners before Sam, and this Gus was the owner right before Sam, so it's possible that these are different guys who both just happen to be named Gus.

  • Season 11 Episode 13: Norm's Big Audit

  • The old game that Sam didn't want the bar to see was supposedly played between the Red Sox and the Orioles on July 14, 1975. But in reality, that was the day before the All Star Game, a universal day off for all major league baseball teams.

  • Season 11 Episode 12: Sunday Dinner

  • Frasier says he and Lilith have been married 7 years. At this point in time, they would be approaching their 5th wedding anniversary (1988-1993). They have been seeing each other since 1986, which was 7 years ago from 1993, but have not been married that whole time.

  • Season 11 Episode 11: Love Me, Love My Car

  • At the end of this episode, Sam sounds interested in Kirby's boat, yet he already has a boat, bought for him by Norm back in "Smotherly Love." And while Sam said back in "Little Match Girl" that he'd move to a smaller apartment, sell his car, and cash in his baseball pension, he never said anything about the boat, which he presumably still has.

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