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  • Season 9 Episode 13: Honor Thy Mother

  • Gino is said to be the eldest of Carla's children in this episode, yet in previous episodes Anthony has been the eldest.

  • Season 9 Episode 9: Bad Neighbor Sam

  • Sam learns from John Hill that his Corvette has been towed for parking in John's space. Sam gets mad and tells John that his customers can no longer use "Sam's stairway" going up to Melville's. John then makes an announcement to the patrons of the bar that he is offering a free drink to all customers of Melville's. Everyone then gets up and goes up to Melville's using "Sam's stairway."

  • Season 9 Episode 8: Breaking in is Hard to Do

  • Goof: When Norm walks in the bar he complains to the gang that they are installing parking meters "up there." This would suggest that the meters are something new to the area. But in the episode Rebecca Redux, 4 episodes before this one, while Sam is going out to get groceries for the bar, Carla gives Sam some change and tells him to feed her meter.

  • Goof: Rebecca walks to the bar, busily writing her love letter to Robin on a notepad. As she speaks with Sam, she tilts the notepad toward the camera. We can see it is blank.

  • Season 9 Episode 6: Grease

  • In this episode, Norm states he's been going to The Hungry Heifer since college, however, in a recurring storyline in season 3, Norm mentions a new restaurant that just opened, The Hungry Heifer and his ongoing adventures there.

  • Season 9 Episode 2: Cheers Fouls Out

  • During the basketball game, while Kevin McHale is helping Cheers dominate Gary's team, Sam is seen on the bench smoking a cigar. Arnold "Red" Auerbach, who won 9 NBA championships as coach of the Boston Celtics, was legendary for lighting up a cigar on the bench when he believed that his team had the game won. At the time of this episode's airing, McHale played for the Boston Celtics and Auerbach was the team's president.

  • In another show,Frasier tells Cliff that his father was a scientist instead of a cop. On Frasier,he misses his mother greatly but on Cheers he has not very many nice things to say about her. Also,John Mahoney plays a piano player in one show and Gilpin (who'll play Roz later) shows up as a reporter who interviews Woody when he runs for council.

  • Gary stops by to show off his two ringers and says he's open to any wagers, which no one at Cheers takes his offer. Yet 5 minutes later, Sam tells Kevin McHale he's got a $5000 bet with Gary.

  • Repsonse: In an episode of Frasier, an explanation was given. It turns out Frasier and Martin had had a big row over the phone, and didn't speak to each other for a while, so that is why Frasier told Sam his father was dead. In this case though, Frasier may also have lied to make Sam feel guilty.

  • In order to get Sam to give him the $5000 meant for the orphans, Frasier tells Sam that both of his parents died when he was in his mid-30s. However, his father is alive for the series Frasier.

  • Season 8 Episode 22: Loverboyd

  • We learn from Carla that this is the first time Woody's middle name, Tiberius, is made known to the gang at Cheers. We also learn from Woody that Kelly's middle name is Susan.

  • Season 8 Episode 15: Finally! (1)

  • When Cliff, Norm, and Frasier are standing outside Little Wally's, the shot changes to a shot of Frasier, which suddenly goes out of focus and racks back into focus.

  • Season 8 Episode 14: What is... Cliff Clavin?

  • The correct answer to the last Jeopardy clue was "What were the real names of Cary Grant, Tony Curtis and Joan Crawford?"

  • The woman near Cliff who had $3300 wagered $2900 leaving her with $400 left, yet after this occurs when Cliff is arguing with Alex about how his answer should be right, you can see in the background that it shows that the woman still has $3300. But when they cut back to the woman's score it's back to $400.

  • Cliff is talking to Alex throughout the entire final jeopardy theme, until Alex says "You have about 5 seconds to write your answer". it seems a little unlikely that Cliff would have been able to write "Who are 3 people who have never been in my kitchen?" in less than 5 seconds.

  • You can see Cliff's answer in final jeopardy before they reveal it

  • If Sam had Rebecca's number in his black book, why would the person call the bar and not her house?

  • Sam's little black book at first seems to be in alphabetical order by first name (the first two girls' names started with "A"). They then try to think of someone whose name starts with "H" and realize that Rebecca is next on the list, using her last name, Howe, not "R" for Rebecca.

  • Season 8 Episode 13: Sammy and the Professor

  • In the restaurant, Sam orders for Rebecca while he and the professor are eating their salads. Rebecca's meal arrives before the others a mere 2 minutes later while they're still on their salads, even though they ordered long before she did.

  • When the professor first enters Cheers, Sam hits on her from the bar counter and the stage lights are clearly visible above his head.

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