Season 10 Episode 6

Unplanned Parenthood

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Oct 24, 1991 on NBC



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  • Quotes

    • Rebecca: This is not a home. This is a house of horrors.

    • Frasier: Remember the Ritz Carlton, darling. A night of unbridled passion that remains unmatched to this day.
      Lilith: We've never been to the Ritz Carlton, Frasier.
      Frasier: Did I say the Ritz Carlton? I meant the Four Seasons.
      Lilith: Strike two.

    • Carla: You know now that Sam's busy with this baby thing, you guys are either gonna have to live vicariously through somebody else or get your own lives.
      Paul: She's right, you know.

    • Carla: Just sign this.
      Rebecca: What is it?
      Carla: It's you standard release form. The insurance company requires it.

    • Rebecca: I am not going to have a baby until I'll know I'll be a good parent.
      Sam: Taking care of Carla's kids is not going to prove you're a good parent. It just proves you can survive in the wild.

    • Frasier: People. People. We cannot impose our own moral belief systems on these two.
      Sam: Yes, thank you very much.
      Frasier: The real question is, will they make responsible parents?
      Rebecca: That's right.
      Frasier: And the answer is an emphatic no.

    • Carla: (to Sam) I think you and Rebecca having a kid together is very immoral. Now you and me having a kid out of wedlock, that'd be a blast.

    • Unseen voice: Be afraid. Be very afraid.

    • Rebecca: There are only seven of us. Where's Anthony?
      Gino: He's out doing something.
      Rebecca: What's he doing?
      Gino: Time.

    • Cliff: Don't forget when you got to set your white balance.
      Woody: What's that?
      Cliff: Well, the tape might be a little tainted so you gotta balance it out by pointing the lens to a flat, white surface.
      Carla: Hey Lilith, we were just talking about you.

    • Sam: Is that a prowler or is that the kids?
      Rebecca: I hope it's a prowler!

  • Notes

    • Diane is mentioned by Carla. Carla gets on her knees and thanks God for getting Sam and Rebecca to babysit her children and for getting rid of Diane.

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