Season 7 Episode 18

What's Up, Doc?

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Mar 30, 1989 on NBC



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    • Sam: Answer the question, what do I have in my life that isn't women or sex?
      Rebecca: Come on Sam, you're a passionate guy. I bet you have a lot of things you care deeply about.
      Sam: Yeah, like what?
      Rebecca: Sailing.
      Sam: Babes on waves. See, the doctor was right. I'm a shallow guy.

    • Sheila: If you change your mind about the sex, I can be beeped anytime.
      Sam: That's pathetic!

    • Sam: You would actually have sex with somebody you don't even respect?
      Sheila: Isn't that what you do with women?
      Sam: Yeah, but I cover it up.

    • Sheila: Sam, you forced me to tell you what did you want me to do? Lie?
      Sam: Of course, yes.

    • Carla: Sammy, you mind if I take off early? I want to put the little ones to bed myself tonight.
      Sam: Put them to bed? Hey it's two am.
      Carla: Oh right, they're probably not home yet.

    • Sam: What kind of problem should I make up?
      Carla: Well how about this, I once took one of my kids to the school psychiatrist and he said the kid had kleptomania.
      Norm: Anything come of it?
      Carla: Got a couple of pens and a leather appointment book.
      Norm: Or you could try using my problem. I've always had this terrible fear of being a failure.
      Carla: You are a failure.
      Norm: Then I've licked it.

    • Sam: Oh Doctor, I've got a free phone right here.
      Sheila: I'm looking for a bit more privacy.
      Sam: I have a phone in my bedroom.

    • Sam: No wonder I didn't get anywhere. She's a friend of Lilith and Frasier's. She's another one of those boring cold-hearted intellectuals with legs I can kill for.

    • Cliff: She's exactly like the girl I took out last night.
      Carla: You mean tore out.

    • Carla: This is truly sad. I mean a guy who would never settle for less than eight dates a week is doin' a couple of back flips over a lousy maybe.
      Sam: Hey come on. That's progress for me and Rebecca.
      Carla: Face facts, you had it once but you lost it. You're nothin' but Clavin in a good shirt.
      Norm: I guess we're gonna have to go shoppin' for a new hero.

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