Season 3 Episode 13


Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Jan 03, 1985 on NBC



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    • Diane: Bennett Ludlow is a wonderful catch.
      Carla: There's some things he doesn't know about me.
      Diane: Well a little mystery is good for a marriage. What haven't you told him?
      Carla: Well I haven't been completely honest about my kids.
      Diane: What haven't you told him about your kids?
      Carla: That they live.

    • Sam: There are two mysteries going on here. First, Carla's been seeing this very classy guy. Second, your pal has been avoiding you two like the plague. Of course that's the lesser of the two mysteries.
      Frasier: Sam, you're talking about one of the most distinguished and accomplished men of letters I know dating a common barmaid.
      Sam: You're dating a barmaid.
      Frasier: Well she wasn't a barmaid when I met her.
      Sam: Oh that's right. She was a lunatic.

    • Coach: Boy am I exhausted.
      Norm: Not much sleep, huh?
      Coach: No, Normy I slept like a baby. It's just that I dreamed I had insomnia all night.

    • Carla (to Dr. Ludlow): I like a man who wears his dinner with pride.

    • Sam: I wonder who the guy is with Frasier and Diane.
      Carla: A talent scout for a geek show.

    • [Frasier and Diane are frustrated that Dr. Ludlow cancelled another dinner with them]
      Sam: Hey, Diane. You know, I've been thinking.
      Diane: Have you? The odds-makers take a beating again.
      Sam: Well, listen… listen is it possible that your, uh, this Ludlow fella hasn't been seeing the two of you because he's been spending all his time with... with Carla?
      Frasier: [mocking] Yes, Sam. Either that or he had to finish his paper route on Mars.

    • Dr. Ludlow: Believe me, I am not the sort of man who approaches young, unfamiliar ladies in a bar and tries to become more familiar by the use of some smooth line.
      Carla:] Your secret is safe with me. [she starts to walk away]
      Dr. Ludlow: Pardon me. Pardon me, for saying this but there is something about you that is so strikingly attractive.
      Carla: While you're staring at my zoomers, let's see if we can figure out what that is.

    • Carla: Have you seen "The Brady Bunch"?
      Dr. Ludlow: Yes, I think so
      Carla: Well, picture them with knives
      Dr. Ludlow: I don't understand...
      Carla: I have five kids
      Dr. Ludlow: Five?
      Carla: Well... five and counting

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