Season 9 Episode 12

Woody Interruptus

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Dec 13, 1990 on NBC



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    • Woody: What do YOU think about premarital sex, Mister P?
      Norm: Well, Wood, there's an old saying, you know, uh..."Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free?" Then of course you, uh, you get married, and you wake up one day and realize "Oh my GOD, I've MARRIED a COW!"

    • Woody: When it happens, it has to be special. It has to be the most meaningful thing in the world. You know, if it were up to me, I think we should wait.
      Kelly: You mean until we're married?
      Woody: No. Until I can afford a nice room at The Four Seasons instead of some cheap motel room.

    • Carla: I got to talk to you before you make the worst mistake of your lives.
      Kelly: What's she talking about, Woody?
      Carla: I'm talking about you two getting together in this motel room for all the wrong reasons.
      Woody: She's talking about us getting together in this room for all the wrong reasons.

    • Woody: Sam, what if we do it and it becomes like a crutch and we rely on it forever?
      Sam: Then you know you did it right.

    • Woody: What are you guys doing?
      Kelly: Henri says he'll teach me to tie a knot in a cherry stem with my tongue.
      Henri: Here. We'll demonstrate. I'll be the cherry stem.

    • Sam: I'm Sam Malone by the way.
      Henri: Oh! I've heard about you in France.
      Sam: Oh, you follow baseball?
      Henri: No. Stewardesses.

    • Kelly: [Henri's] supposed to be rude. He's French.

    • Kelly: I brought you a present. It's a real French beret. Ta-da! It was between this one and the one with the arrow through it.
      Woody: Oh well, this one's nice, too.
      Kelly: Surprise! I got them both.
      Woody: This is going to fun.

    • Carla: The French aren't exactly known for their sense of humor.
      Woody: What do you mean?
      Carla: Let me put it this way; their comic hero is Jerry Lewis.
      Woody: What's your point?
      Sam: Yeah, what's your point?

    • Henri: Knock knock.
      Woody: Who's there?
      Henri: Henri! The one who's going to steal your girlfriend!

    • Sam: How's your love life? I mean the physical part?
      Woody: I can't speak for Kelly but I'm looking forward to it.
      Sam: You're telling me that you and Kelly haven't slept together?
      Woody: Well, we did once when we went to see Old Gringo, but the whole row was snoring.
      Sam: Well, I think this may be your problem, Wood?
      Woody: I always figured we'd wait until after we were married. That's the way everybody in Hanover does it, except for that couple that teaches art at the high school.

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