Season 8 Episode 17

Woody or Won't He

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Feb 08, 1990 on NBC



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    • Carla: How do you like that? For once the bull's throwing Clavin around.

    • Woody: Hey Sam, can I ask you something?
      Sam: Another etiquette question?
      Woody: Yeah last one. What do I do if Kelly's mom tries to go to bed with me?
      Sam: Kelly's mom? I'm shocked and more than a little impressed.

    • Sam: Boy I tell you, Mr. Gaines. I sure would like to live in a place like this.
      Mr. Gaines: Yes, a home in the suburbs is nice.
      Sam: No, I mean this room.

    • Rebecca: Come on you cowboys. As long as that dumb thing's set up back there anyway don't you want to prove how macho you are by climbing aboard?
      Norm: Hey come on Rebecca. We do not need a mechanical bull to prove how macho we are, okay. We are just as much men sittin' right here on this barstool. Which by the way needs to be repadded. My tush hurts.

    • Norm: Well I have to say the mechanical bull is like the most useless thing put in a bar.
      Cliff: Now, Norm.
      Norm: Present company excepted.

    • Rebecca: Brother, I work for the stupidest corporation in America.
      Carla: You'd have to.

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