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Janice-Misused By Gareth Or The Writer(s)?

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    [1]Dec 23, 2005
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    I make no bones about my dislike of Series Three, but I still adore the character of Janice Blackstock!

    Here was a woman who supported her husband- practically without many requests for herself, helped him in his goals, worked in tandem with him (he cooked, she managed), expressed herself bluntly but with humor and true affection and passion.

    This was the woman, after two series, that we were expected to believe "just" got fed up with her husbands eccentricities?

    I don't know the full story behind the need for Janice to leave, but this "reason" seems quite sloppy and lazy to me.

    Am I alone in this opinion?
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    [2]Feb 21, 2006
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    gareth was just never there for janice.
    so she walked away.
    having been married, i can say that loving somebody doesn't just automatically make it work. the other person has to give you something to stay in the relationship. i think she just got fed up and decided to leave. then when he "quit" le chateau and they went there for dinner because he supposedly wanted to work things out, because the meal sucked, he got up and went into the kitchen and forgot about her.
    i'd have left as well.
    he needed to make a decision. was his job more important than her or not?

    and they (the writers) may have known it would be the last season and wanted to give him a reason to leave le chateau that might seem plausible.
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