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AIRED ON 10/24/2013

Season 3 : Episode 13

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Need a new executive chef? Bring in Anne Burrell. She will give your candidates the toughest job interviews they've been through. Watch as she tests how well they cook and how well they can run business on her new Food Network show Chef Wanted With Anne Burrell.

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  • Real people. Real jobs.

    What I find interesting about this show is that in the end someone ends up with a real job and a real chance to change their lives long-term. One reviewer questioned whether any of these chefs are still working the jobs where they won the position. I would love to see some updates, but either way a chef got a chance at what in most cases is a dream job.

    As for the screaming, the yelling is usually motivational and often comes after chefs have ignored Chef Anne's attempts at calm, insightful guidance.

    I personally love the show.moreless
  • Want more of Chef Anne?

    Food Network's Chef Anne Burrell is back with another show, this time attempting to fill head chef positions at prestigious restaurants around the country. Each episode contains 3 fun challenges, two custom to the restaurant the position is at and one final round of completing an entire service. In my opinion this show takes some of the best aspects of other food shows (Chopped's challenges and eliminiations, 24 Hour Restaurant Battle's menu creation and service) with an entertaining host that can't help but get worked up as people compete for real jobs.moreless
  • What am I supposed to enjoy, exactly?

    I'm a huge fan of Food Network; Chopped, Worst Chef in America, Restaurant Impossible, all that stuff. Can someone please tell me what I'm supposed to enjoy about "Chef Wanted"?

    If you take the time to follow the contestants, you'll come to find out overtime that they're not especially relate-able; I'd never really wanna sit down and have a pizza and a beer with any of these people, or anything. There doesn't seem to be a relaxed bone in any of their bodies, whatsoever.

    On the other hand, let's say you don't pay attention to the show; that you just watch it passively. Given "Chef Wanted" lightning-speed establishment habits, here's what you'll garner from passively experiencing it; people yelling. People screaming. People throwing things. People generally being insidiously angry. "Your work isn't cutting it, you've gotta work harder" times 1,000,000.

    Heck, I'm even a fan of shows similar to Restaurant Impossible; shows where you have the typical angry guy helps to repair an establishment in despair. But in the cases of shows that follow said formula, that negativity is there for a legitimate reason! I have never seen a show this unnecessarily negative in my life. Even the visuals seem to carry this established sense of negativity; WHY?!

    It literally seems like "Chef Wanted" was an experiment by Food Network execs; "Let's see what we can do to just make the darkest, most pointlessly angry show possible!" and dear god, did they succeed. UGH!!moreless
  • This Show Goes From Bad to Worse

    Of 4 episodes now, Anne Burrell has failed to pick candidate chefs that are competent to lead the kitchens of the target restaurants in at least 2 episodes. Tonight was unbelievable. If I had been the restaurant owner, I would have kicked all of them out and started over. These problems just illustrate the fact that Anne Burrell either doesn't listen well when the restaurant owners delineate their needs, or she is clueless when it comes to screening qualified chef candidates. UNBELIEVABLE!

    I would be very curious to see if any of the "selected" chefs is actually working at the restaurants that selected them more than a few months later (or a few weeks in some cases). Terrible.moreless

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