Season 3 Episode 2

Wolfgang Puck

Aired Thursday 9:00 PM Apr 08, 2008 on Cooking Channel



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    • Gelila Assefa: Cooking comes so naturally for Wolfgang; it's not a task. It's like he wakes up, and this is something you do—even for the housekeepers, let alone for me. It could be as simple as fried eggs. It just tastes different. He just has the touch, and he knows everything about what makes it so delicious. When you eat his food, you remember that taste for a long time.

    • Ruth Reichl: (about Wolfgang's charitable activities) He's one of the biggest-hearted chefs that there is. I mean, he was one of the people who really started defining the chef as the charitable person.

    • Wolfgang: (about appearing on Iron Chef America: Battle of the Masters) When I'm cooking, I don't get nervous because I know the process. I know what happens when you do this or that, so there's no reason to get really nervous. The more nervous you get, then Lee [Hefter] and Sherry [Yard] will admit they would get nervous, so it wouldn't get any better. So I said, "I have to stay as calm as possible."

    • Mark Peel: (about the opening of Spago) [Wolfgang] told me that if this didn't work, he was gonna have to, you know, move to another city and change his name and get a job, you know—it was it, down to his last dollar, roll of the dice. We hammered the last nail at 4:00, and opened the doors at 6:00.

    • Ruth Reichl: Every kid who graduates from cooking school wants to be Wolfgang Puck, because he has been enormously successful and he hasn't lost his soul.

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    • Also Featured:
      > Klaus Puck – Wolfgang's Brother
      > Guy Leroy – Chef and Wolfgang's Friend
      > Lee Hefter – Executive Chef, Wolfgang Puck Fine Dining & Catering
      > Sherry Yard – Pastry Chef, Spago
      > Gelila Assefa – Wolfgang's Wife

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