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    Has anyone else noticed that Chelsea is not as funny as she used to be, like a year ago? She used to make all sorts of sexual jokes about everyone, and now she cut back a lot on it. And she gets offended whenever Chuy swears at her...she didn't get offended before when Chuy used to call her a sl*t and bit*h. She's also getting bit*chier everyday. As a result, I don't even find her funny anymore and this show seems to be going down the drain. Does anyone else see this too??

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    She doesn't really get offended when Chuy calls her that, it's just her 'deadpan' look. Chuy calling her those things is more than likely staged, she knows what he's going to say. It's supposed to be funny when she uses her 'deadpan look'. And the execs at E! have told her to cut back. She mentions it in several episodes that she's gotten in trouble because of the material on the show so she's had to cut back on the sexual jokes.
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