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  • Chelsea Lately is a humerous and tacky show!

    Chelsea is definately pretty tacky...although it is humerous at the same time! I love that she is able to speak her mind, no matter what it is. I wish everyone felt as if they could be as free with their speech as she is. I feel like this is the perfect example of how all Americans should be. It might cause a few feuds, but you wouldn't have to worry about whether or not someone is lying to you.

    Chui is the funniest ever. He seems pretty honest as well, and lets face it, he is the perfect height to be hangin' with Chelsea. I bet he is one happy man.

    Overall, this show is humerous, but if you miss a couple of episodes, don't get too upset. I'm sure you'll hear the same thing a little on down the road!
  • Chelsea is absolutely hilarious, especially at the round table.

    I started watching this show about 6 months ago and I absolutely love it. I watch it everyday and it’s a blast to watch. I do think the show is losing some of its edge. She doesn’t say as many crazy things as she used to (maybe it’s because of E). And I also found that she doesn’t do as many sections with Chuy anymore (which is dumb because Chelsea and Chuy complement each other perfectly). Another thing is that the show sometimes does reruns and that’s kinda irritating. But I suppose they need to have content to do a show. Other than that, Chelsea is one of a kind and there is no one funnier than her doing a late night show. I really wish she does more sections with Chuy in future episodes.
  • I discovered Chelsea Handler from the Chelsea Handler show. I thought that show was funny, but Chelsea Lately is even better.

    Absolutely hilarious! I'm addicted to the show, and I Tivo it every night in case I fall asleep early. I only wish there were less reruns, but considering that the show is on 7 nights a week, I can understand why. Nice to have a few laughs just before going to sleep. So, I feel it is a great show to end your day with. Can always count on the Chelsea Lately show to make me laugh and lighten up my mood after a stressful day. THANKS CHELSEA! I appreciate her quick wit. I think Chelsea is the late night host of the millennium. I even read her books, and enjoyed them both. Her brutal honesty is humbling. I think she is so relatable, in a fun way. She's not only funny, but obviously a very sharp business woman as well. Guys move over!
  • Ahhh. Chelsea Lately. Where would we be without her jokes and funny drama.

    Chelsea Lately is my all time personal favorite.She makes drama in the world seem so funny I love it. She and her little man I think Chavo are so funny. Late nights is when you get that popcorn, soda and junk eady when you're about to watch her show. She talk alot about celebrites and stars and what they plan on doing. Then she puts a little comedy in it. That's what makes her show so damn funny.

    Chelsea and the other stars make funny jokes and laugh there asses off. I love this show. Not much to say about it really. Just a must watch show.
  • Lot's Of Fun.

    Okay I want to go on record saying I love Chelsea Handler. I think she is a very capable stand up and I really enjoyed her book. Hence why I watch this show to begin with. Chelsea Lately is a mixed bag of a show that varies in quality each night. The show is usually split into three main segments. First off is the round table where Chelsea plus three guests (normally E news people and comedians) discuss what has been happing in the world of entertainment. I normally enjoy this part of the show the most. Sometimes the gentle roasting does get a little tasteless but Chelsea and the guest always offer up some truly laugh out loud moments. After this the show moves on to an interview, this is the most uncomfortable part of the night. Ninety percent of the time the show is unable to muster up anyone of interest and Chelsea has no interviewing skills at all. The show closes with a pre taped segment normally of Chelsea and her side quick Chewy. These video range in activities but are always hilarious. A running video is deep inside Hollywood I have not enjoyed these so much because as I love the double team of Chelsea and Chewy. Chelsea Lately is a show not everyone will like or enjoy but it offers up some really funny moments each night.
  • Chelsea Handler dips comedy into entertainment news/gossip for a half hour on the E! show, "Chelsea Lately" giving her own personal views on current events, along with a mixed panel and short spoofs.

    Chelsea Handler is such a great comedian and brings her humor to her show "Chelsea Lately" every single night. Along with her humor, Chelsea brings comedians and people who work in the entertainment business on a panel to discuss entertainment news and gossip. The show is organized very well, going from the panel to a short interview with a special guest that and spoofs. Most recently, "Chelsea Lately" premiered their first performance on the show (Ray J) and Chelsea plans to and should have more musical artists perform. The show is very entertaining, you never know what to expect, and you should check it out!
  • I Love her ♥

    Chelsea is so funny,i love her
    she has an amazing sense of humor
    and she's not afraid of speak her
    mind no matter what n_n

    I Love the show, it's hilarious!
    and the guest make it even more funny
    i watch it every night, i can't stop lol i'm addicted
    i always laugh out loud.
    The skit are soo funny x')
    like the one when she did Krav Maga
    and when her and chuy tried to make
    salsa... i love "Deeeep Inside Hollywood" too xD

    She's just brilliant and an awesome
    comedian, i don't understand why some people don't like her.
    Instead of saying bad things about her
    they should just change the channel and
    watch other show
  • Finally, a show that captures the essence of talk and comedy in an novel manner! Chelsea is (and has always been) SUPERB from GBB to now! I appreciate her bawdy humor in the classic Divine Ms. M style!

    Finally, a show that captures the essence of talk and comedy in an novel manner! Chelsea is (and has always been) SUPERB from GBB to now! I appreciate her bawdy humor in the classic Divine Ms. M style! I loved her nerve in doing the pranks from Girls behaving Badly and now she is becoming the comedy queen for which she was destined. She does it all in the show. Her affection for Chuy, her no holds barred celebrity gossip, her twisted humor in her skits and her blunt mockery of her guests cause me to explode with laughter and appreciation.
  • Chelsea ,sos the most entertaining that I see the television , sos una genia !!! never die !!!

    Hello Chelsea ,Soy una Argentina residiendo en Miami Beach y aunque estoy estudiando ingles y todavia no entiendo mucho ,adoro mirar tu programa ,sos una mujer muy comica y tenes talento para tirar para arriba ,te adoro ,sigo aprediendo ingles y espero poder disfrutar de todo lo que decis ,tu humor es universal ,te admiro y te deseo mas exitos aun,me encanta todo lo que haces ,como lo decis y como llevas el programa ,aun no puedo elegir cual me gusta mas por la sencilla razon de lo antes expuesto ,mi ingles no es bueno ,pero lo sera ,,muchisima suerte .
    Marria Cristina Ricco
  • In the midst of the writer's strike Chelsea Handler continues producing entertaining shows on E! television. Similar to her previous shows; however, Chelsea seems to bring more funny to this incarnation.

    While a typical "dish the dirt" show, Chelsea comes off as funny and entertaining. Topical humor mixed with her own experiences are funny and enjoyable. One would think with the bigger network's talk shows ceasing production, there would be better guests, and I hope to see this in the future. If you're bored from the lack of funny in the world, and especially on television, I encourage you to give Chelsea Lately a try. A couple of episodes and I have know doubt you'll be hooked. Not every joke hits the mark, but few miss, and it's definitely worth 22 minutes for at least a few laughs.
  • Chealsea Handler is back with an all new show "Chealsea Lately".

    This is one of the best tv shows on tv right now! I love Chelsea Handler she is not scared to speak her mind and when she does she always says the most funniest things! She is probably one of the best comedians out there right now she has good material and i think that's what makes her show so good! The skits are the best thing about the show, they are always so funny and goofy you can't turn away from the screen and you can't quit laughing! I recommend this show to anyone. There is never a dull moment on "Chelsea Latley"
  • Chelsea is back!

    Chelsea Lately is the spinoff series to the Chelsea Handler show. And its a funny show to watch when your board to kill a half hour. Every week night Chelsea gets 3 celbritys sometimes 2. And they talk about the latest news and make fun of them its funny but for fans that miss the old Chelsea Handler show. Don't be disapointed every night at the end of each show Chelsea has about a 5 minute show of her and Chewy being funny. So far I have seen every episode and have never been disapointed its a funny show I rate Chelsea Lately a 8.1!
  • Chelsea Lately is very entertaining, not to mention a different look on Hollywood news

    I came across this show one night while i was flipping through the channels, and soon it became one of my favorite shows. It's highly entertaining, even though many people say it is exactly like her previous show, The Chelsea Handler Show. I like this show because of the guests that she brings on the show, the things she makes fun of, and her crazy personality. I'm not saying that the show is perfect because that would be a lie. It does sometimes cross the line from funny to stupid, but as long as the show stays as good, or better, than it is now, i will continue to watch.
  • Chelsea you're the master of comedy

    I really love this show. I cant and wont deny that i'm completly in love with chealsea lately. I watch it all the time, and each time I watch it I laugh sooo hard. I really like Chelsea, she's an amazing comedian, and everything that comes out of her mouth is funny. I swear. lol. I love every aspect of the show, from the pannel, to her special guest. I like how she has porn stars on the show, I dont know of any other show that frequently has porn stars for the interviews. hahahaha. I really like her little clip segments at the end of her show also. All these things are wonderfull.
  • chelsea i think you have hit the nail on the head, I had the pleasure of meeting you and I must say it's refreshing to see that you have not changed, your show is what we need, tell it like is and don't hold back. you are bold and beautiful! you go girl!

    short and sweet, your show is exactly what hollywood needs right now, hopefully they will here you and get a &*^%$ clue! I love your you and your style, you are the baddest &*%##$!!!!! :) I know not everyone agrees with you but, I do and you are just giving it to us in the rawest form possible. when i am having a bad day i hit my dvr and you make it all go away. you are one of the funniest women i have ever had the pleasure to meet. keep them laughing we need it, and the next time I am in LA, lets have a drink together! Warmest regards, Jacklyn"Diva"Bush Atlanta,Ga
  • Chelsea is great, but the show needs to work on its guests.

    Chelsea Lately has the potential to be a fantastic late night show. Chelsea is funny and says just the right- or sometimes, wrong- thing to get the laugh. But the problem with this show lies with its guests. The format of Chelsea having three guests on a panel to discuss topics does not mesh well. The guests interrupt each other and can come across a little muddled. Also, some more audience participation would be nice. Only asking two people seemed a little bare-boned to me. The greatest part of the show was when Chelsea took to the streets to ask people who they would rather have sex with. Overall, this show needs to concentrate more on involving random people and less on guests. However, this review is only based on the first episode. I'm sure this show will only get better.
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