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  • lost her audience

    Ever since the Kardashians were on I would NEVER watch again sorry Chelsey


  • the little Mexican guy is the funniest thing on the show in my opinon.

    She seems like she is trying to be other people, like a Kathy Griffen perhaps. I don't think Kathy Griffen is funny either. She seems to try to hard with jokes, and the presentation isn't that good. I saw her interview the girl from Friday Night Lights and she isn't that great at interviewing people either. I just don't think she is talented or funny. I think she laughs at her jokes more than anyone else does and there is just something about her I don't care for. That's just me I'm not saying she is the worst and least talented person on TV, but I'm guessing she is close on that list.
  • Do you even own a comb or a mirror?

    I cannot believe I'm actually responding to this stupid survey a/k/a review. Insomnia made me do it. I just had the unfortunate experience of landing on your show on television and it made me ponder why you are still on the air. I wonder if you realize how very lucky you are to literally lack talent of any kind and still be televised. You are basically nothing to look at as well. I'm a huge fan of the greatest band in the world, who happen to come from New Jersey. I wonder if you even know who I'm talking about. I sincerely hope that your show is cancelled in the very near future, as it offers no entertainment whatsoever. Just digs at people you have probably never met. Well, right back at you. How does it feel?

    This unfunny, untalented girlfriend of an E! Executive has slickered her way into another terrible show on E! Her entire show is a ripoff of the Howard Stern show with a few major omissions: She has no talent, the show is NOT FUNNY and no one watches it!. She actually uses a LAUGH TRACK! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Can you believe that a talk show that has a live audience has to use a LAUGH TRACK!!! I realize that top quality shows are rare for basic cable but this show is an insult to the intelligence of all that pass by it while flipping through the channels. If you haven't seen this show consider yourself lucky and move on. I wish allowed me to rate this lower than 1.0, I'd like to give it a negative infinity.
  • She can't make fun of things that she has no knowledge of. There is a limit.

    My name is Cecilia, I'm 20 years old and I'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina.
    My english is not quite prefect but I think that it's good enough to being able to write this. And I'm writing this because I've heard Miss Handler's comments about a month ago regarding Priscilla Presley's "treatment" with some doctor that injected her with motor oil.
    I tend to watch Miss Handler's show now and then and I know the kind of comments that she makes sometimes (and in fact some of them amuses me) but I never would have thought that she was going to be a little racist in her comments or even that she was going to be degrading to people in (for example) South America. Nobody likes stereotypes or even being stereotyped and I didn't think that she was one of those people... until now.
    And why am I writing this? Because when she commented about the doctor that treated Mrs. Presley she said "...and it was an argentine doctor!!..." and she said it in a demeaning way, as if argentine doctors are not good or unprepared, etc. She even said "...that's like if Chuy were a doctor" referring to the man that is with her in her show. We all know that Chuy is no doctor and being a doctor in South America is really hard and that is why it is so good. I think that that Chuy guy is from Mexico and I don't know how is the medicine over there. But she was sort of comparing it, and let me tell you... Mexico is not South America, it's not even in South America, in fact it's in North America if we want to get "geographical". And whatever happens over there doesn't remotely resembles to what is happening down here or even to what happens in Argentina... but now I'm being racist, right?
    I don't know if Miss Handler (or anybody around her) is aware of the fact that Argentina's medicine is well-known around the world, and doctors as the late doctor Rene Favaloro were the ones that improved (not to say invented) the by-pass technique; which is known and used nowadays, specially in USA. And doctors like Bernardo Housein has won a Nobel prize for his work on medicine and not to mention Cesar Milstein who has won a Nobel prize too, but in the science field. We have a Nobel Peace prize winner here too. We have great doctors here, but sometimes for the lack of resources they go away to develop their ideas and to expand their minds.
    I think that Miss Handler should watch her words and do a little research before talking or commenting about things that she has no knowledge of. She was making fun of Argentina's medicine. Is she 100% sure that USA's medicine is much better? Yeah, sure they have a lot more budget and more equipment but that doesn't mean that it's a better quality of medicine and I'm certainly not saying that Argentine's medicine is better. And we all also know that America has the tendency of taking other countries' "products" and just improving them somehow. But, hey! I'm not blaming this on the ENTIRE country.
    There are a lot of people that come here from different countries (including and specially Americans) to have surgeries, even plastic surgeries, just because they know that the doctors here are really good, hard-working and professional and because it's a lot cheaper for them. So, I think that if a person decides to travel to another country to have surgery so they can save a few thousands of dollars and are willing to take that risk, is because they know that the medicine is good.
    I have to admit that there always are a few loose ends around, like that doctor that treated Mrs. Presley. But that doesn't mean that by a guy's lack of professionalism you can stereotype the quality of the medicine of that man's country.
    I don't want to make a embroilment with this, but I think that she needs to get a little advice before she gives those well-known opinions.
    As a follower of the show I have to say that I'm disappointed. Sure, it's fun to make fun of celebrities, but they put themselves in a place where is inevitable being mocked or criticized. When you make fun of things that are just "collateral damages" of other news, well I think that that is just stupid and, in a way, disgusting.
  • We USED to LOVE watching Chelsea....

    My friends and I used to love watching Chelsea. However, since she has decided to use her show as a format for her own political views we now watch Leno or Letterman depending on our personal preferences. Either way, we have all gotten sick of Chelsea. The show is no longer funny to us. She is losing viewers right and left. Pun intended as we as friends don't all share the same political views. We do however share the view that she is misusing her show and no longer find her entertaining. I as a republican enjoyed her show not caring that she was left wing. I liked her and found the show funny. I didn't care that she did not share my political views I watched because she was entertaining. She has gone to far though and now I can't stand to listen to her. Letterman and Leno have the sense not to alienate an entire political party and so I will flip between the two. Oh and yes...still LOVE Craig Ferguson! I know....he's a democrat...but he does not misuse his show and is truly funny.
  • She needs to leave these boys alone.

    Im sorry for the inconsiderate jerks that watch her show. If she wants to make fun of people thats her problem but she can do it on her own time. Not for the whole world to see. Leave the Jonas Brothers alone! They are actually good people unlike a lot of celebrity spoiled brats these days. Stop wasting your time! If your going to make fun of people on national television, make fun of yourself, i mean seriously this just makes you a jerk. Theres A LOT of things i would like to say to you right now, but i have more class then to do so. It so sad that everyone is now trying so hard to make them look bad because of theyre amazing success. Thank for your time, Brooke Kilby & Caroline Lunsford
  • No Politics

    I do not care for Chelsea using her comedy show as forum for her political views! Chelsea has every right to her beliefs, but not appropriate on a comedy tv show. Quickest way to make me turn her off, which is more and more these days! Rating4
  • running off stage

    does anyone else notice that chelsea runs off stage at the end of each episode? shes rude to the guest comedians and doe not meet her fans in the audience like she used to when her show just aired.
  • Chelsea Lately is a humerous and tacky show!

    Chelsea is definately pretty tacky...although it is humerous at the same time! I love that she is able to speak her mind, no matter what it is. I wish everyone felt as if they could be as free with their speech as she is. I feel like this is the perfect example of how all Americans should be. It might cause a few feuds, but you wouldn't have to worry about whether or not someone is lying to you.

    Chui is the funniest ever. He seems pretty honest as well, and lets face it, he is the perfect height to be hangin' with Chelsea. I bet he is one happy man.

    Overall, this show is humerous, but if you miss a couple of episodes, don't get too upset. I'm sure you'll hear the same thing a little on down the road!
  • Ugh... another Ross episode?

    I can't tell you how annoying it is when I look forward to that 11 o'clock hour and the 10:30 show ends, I hear the applause...

    I see Ross.

    Chelsea, stop with the Ross shows! Maybe once in a while, but rotate it for gods sake. Heather McDonald or Fortune would be way funnier.

    Love you, Ross is cool, but not every time. Just some honest feedback. Score'd be higher if it wasn't for this. Almost perfect.
  • Lot's Of Fun.

    Okay I want to go on record saying I love Chelsea Handler. I think she is a very capable stand up and I really enjoyed her book. Hence why I watch this show to begin with. Chelsea Lately is a mixed bag of a show that varies in quality each night. The show is usually split into three main segments. First off is the round table where Chelsea plus three guests (normally E news people and comedians) discuss what has been happing in the world of entertainment. I normally enjoy this part of the show the most. Sometimes the gentle roasting does get a little tasteless but Chelsea and the guest always offer up some truly laugh out loud moments. After this the show moves on to an interview, this is the most uncomfortable part of the night. Ninety percent of the time the show is unable to muster up anyone of interest and Chelsea has no interviewing skills at all. The show closes with a pre taped segment normally of Chelsea and her side quick Chewy. These video range in activities but are always hilarious. A running video is deep inside Hollywood I have not enjoyed these so much because as I love the double team of Chelsea and Chewy. Chelsea Lately is a show not everyone will like or enjoy but it offers up some really funny moments each night.
  • Chelsea is back!

    Chelsea Lately is the spinoff series to the Chelsea Handler show. And its a funny show to watch when your board to kill a half hour. Every week night Chelsea gets 3 celbritys sometimes 2. And they talk about the latest news and make fun of them its funny but for fans that miss the old Chelsea Handler show. Don't be disapointed every night at the end of each show Chelsea has about a 5 minute show of her and Chewy being funny. So far I have seen every episode and have never been disapointed its a funny show I rate Chelsea Lately a 8.1!
  • Chelsea is great, but the show needs to work on its guests.

    Chelsea Lately has the potential to be a fantastic late night show. Chelsea is funny and says just the right- or sometimes, wrong- thing to get the laugh. But the problem with this show lies with its guests. The format of Chelsea having three guests on a panel to discuss topics does not mesh well. The guests interrupt each other and can come across a little muddled. Also, some more audience participation would be nice. Only asking two people seemed a little bare-boned to me. The greatest part of the show was when Chelsea took to the streets to ask people who they would rather have sex with. Overall, this show needs to concentrate more on involving random people and less on guests. However, this review is only based on the first episode. I'm sure this show will only get better.
  • Good show for the most part

    My dad got me hooked on "Chelsea Lately" for the past few months. I myself enjoy watching the show, especially the part where they have the comedians on the roundtable, along with Chuy. My favorite comedian to come on is Loni Love, since she comes up with some of the funniest stuff on the show. I like Chuy also, referring as "Chelsea's little nugget", where he comes up with some of the funniest stuff, especially the word "mother***er" in one episode in late January 2013. The only downside of the show is the interviewing part, unless Blake Shelton is on. Blake is hysterical when he does his interviews with Chelsea. I noticed most times, Chelsea leave the stage after the show is over, but once in a while, she will sign autographs from the books she wrote to the audience. I wished Chelsea was a little more like Chuy, interacting and/or shaking hands with the crowds. Overall, a fun show to watch when there is nothing on TV.
  • Ahhh. Chelsea Lately. Where would we be without her jokes and funny drama.

    Chelsea Lately is my all time personal favorite.She makes drama in the world seem so funny I love it. She and her little man I think Chavo are so funny. Late nights is when you get that popcorn, soda and junk eady when you're about to watch her show. She talk alot about celebrites and stars and what they plan on doing. Then she puts a little comedy in it. That's what makes her show so damn funny.

    Chelsea and the other stars make funny jokes and laugh there asses off. I love this show. Not much to say about it really. Just a must watch show.
  • baby talk

    why does she always bring up the fact that she doesn't like kids, doesn't want kids, can't stand kids. aborts kids blah blah blah. gets old. don't worry chelsea. we don't want you to ever have any. you would be a terrible mother. smart of you to realize it. we get it.
  • Love this show

    Best late night talk show there is!
  • Great show but.....

    Hate the new laugh track!! But...Always enjoy the show and guests. Very funny !!
  • Ross Matthews - has to go

    We love this show . We watch your show every day. I voted for gay marriage, so don't assume I'm a ***phobe, I'm not. I just can't stand the affected flaming annoying Ross. In fact, when he's on, we just stop the show and delete it. Shame, we were so excited to see your first show in your new studio, but because it was with Ross, we had to delete it. The intro with Bullock (you have a sexy bod girl) was HILARIOUS!!! But Ross has got to go. Please stop the madness and put other, more entertaining comediennes on.
  • canadian

    Chelsea rocks, probly cant out whit this euoroian/canadian :) hot by the way lol) seriously if she talk or comments about it enjoy or change the channel ur a lenard if you wite a micromanaging comment on what her thought/ topics should purtain change the channel loser
  • Chelsea Handler dips comedy into entertainment news/gossip for a half hour on the E! show, "Chelsea Lately" giving her own personal views on current events, along with a mixed panel and short spoofs.

    Chelsea Handler is such a great comedian and brings her humor to her show "Chelsea Lately" every single night. Along with her humor, Chelsea brings comedians and people who work in the entertainment business on a panel to discuss entertainment news and gossip. The show is organized very well, going from the panel to a short interview with a special guest that and spoofs. Most recently, "Chelsea Lately" premiered their first performance on the show (Ray J) and Chelsea plans to and should have more musical artists perform. The show is very entertaining, you never know what to expect, and you should check it out!
  • In the midst of the writer's strike Chelsea Handler continues producing entertaining shows on E! television. Similar to her previous shows; however, Chelsea seems to bring more funny to this incarnation.

    While a typical "dish the dirt" show, Chelsea comes off as funny and entertaining. Topical humor mixed with her own experiences are funny and enjoyable. One would think with the bigger network's talk shows ceasing production, there would be better guests, and I hope to see this in the future. If you're bored from the lack of funny in the world, and especially on television, I encourage you to give Chelsea Lately a try. A couple of episodes and I have know doubt you'll be hooked. Not every joke hits the mark, but few miss, and it's definitely worth 22 minutes for at least a few laughs.
  • Chelsea Lately is very entertaining, not to mention a different look on Hollywood news

    I came across this show one night while i was flipping through the channels, and soon it became one of my favorite shows. It's highly entertaining, even though many people say it is exactly like her previous show, The Chelsea Handler Show. I like this show because of the guests that she brings on the show, the things she makes fun of, and her crazy personality. I'm not saying that the show is perfect because that would be a lie. It does sometimes cross the line from funny to stupid, but as long as the show stays as good, or better, than it is now, i will continue to watch.
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  • Chelsea Handler Live *** March 11th

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  • Chelsea!

    Amen Woman!
  • Chelsea Lately is a wonderful change from other talk shows. Speaks her mind and is hilarious!

    Chelsea Lately is a wonderful change from other talk shows. Speaks her mind and is hilarious! Chelsea Handler is one of my favourite comedians. She is hilarious and very witty. On her show Chelsea Lately she is joined by other comedians to talk about current events with a comedic twist. She also interviews celebrities in the second half of the show. Chelsea Handler also has 2 books published. My Horizontal life and Are you there vodka? It's me Chelsea. I am yet to read these however after seeing Chelsea Lately I am very keen to read them.

    Would highly Recommend. A+
  • I was so happy when she moved to 11:00 - she is a hysterical woman that is not afraid to speak her mind. She makes my day. Yup my life sucks right now - everyone needs a dose of her at least twice a week!

    Chelsea - is the bomb, I actually laugh so hard it hurts - seriously - takes a lot to make me laugh.
    Also - anyone that starts on her size should shut up; she is in a relationship, has her own show and makes more money than any of you probably do so suck on that too! Eat your face off Chels - still love you and your sense of humor. Refreshing to hear someone that is not afraid to speak her mind about celebs! Since I am jacked up on pain meds surgery) thats all I can muster now!
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