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  • She can't make fun of things that she has no knowledge of. There is a limit.

    My name is Cecilia, I'm 20 years old and I'm from Buenos Aires, Argentina.
    My english is not quite prefect but I think that it's good enough to being able to write this. And I'm writing this because I've heard Miss Handler's comments about a month ago regarding Priscilla Presley's "treatment" with some doctor that injected her with motor oil.
    I tend to watch Miss Handler's show now and then and I know the kind of comments that she makes sometimes (and in fact some of them amuses me) but I never would have thought that she was going to be a little racist in her comments or even that she was going to be degrading to people in (for example) South America. Nobody likes stereotypes or even being stereotyped and I didn't think that she was one of those people... until now.
    And why am I writing this? Because when she commented about the doctor that treated Mrs. Presley she said "...and it was an argentine doctor!!..." and she said it in a demeaning way, as if argentine doctors are not good or unprepared, etc. She even said "...that's like if Chuy were a doctor" referring to the man that is with her in her show. We all know that Chuy is no doctor and being a doctor in South America is really hard and that is why it is so good. I think that that Chuy guy is from Mexico and I don't know how is the medicine over there. But she was sort of comparing it, and let me tell you... Mexico is not South America, it's not even in South America, in fact it's in North America if we want to get "geographical". And whatever happens over there doesn't remotely resembles to what is happening down here or even to what happens in Argentina... but now I'm being racist, right?
    I don't know if Miss Handler (or anybody around her) is aware of the fact that Argentina's medicine is well-known around the world, and doctors as the late doctor Rene Favaloro were the ones that improved (not to say invented) the by-pass technique; which is known and used nowadays, specially in USA. And doctors like Bernardo Housein has won a Nobel prize for his work on medicine and not to mention Cesar Milstein who has won a Nobel prize too, but in the science field. We have a Nobel Peace prize winner here too. We have great doctors here, but sometimes for the lack of resources they go away to develop their ideas and to expand their minds.
    I think that Miss Handler should watch her words and do a little research before talking or commenting about things that she has no knowledge of. She was making fun of Argentina's medicine. Is she 100% sure that USA's medicine is much better? Yeah, sure they have a lot more budget and more equipment but that doesn't mean that it's a better quality of medicine and I'm certainly not saying that Argentine's medicine is better. And we all also know that America has the tendency of taking other countries' "products" and just improving them somehow. But, hey! I'm not blaming this on the ENTIRE country.
    There are a lot of people that come here from different countries (including and specially Americans) to have surgeries, even plastic surgeries, just because they know that the doctors here are really good, hard-working and professional and because it's a lot cheaper for them. So, I think that if a person decides to travel to another country to have surgery so they can save a few thousands of dollars and are willing to take that risk, is because they know that the medicine is good.
    I have to admit that there always are a few loose ends around, like that doctor that treated Mrs. Presley. But that doesn't mean that by a guy's lack of professionalism you can stereotype the quality of the medicine of that man's country.
    I don't want to make a embroilment with this, but I think that she needs to get a little advice before she gives those well-known opinions.
    As a follower of the show I have to say that I'm disappointed. Sure, it's fun to make fun of celebrities, but they put themselves in a place where is inevitable being mocked or criticized. When you make fun of things that are just "collateral damages" of other news, well I think that that is just stupid and, in a way, disgusting.